Our Changing World

This is an interesting development:

TikTok is taking the book industry by storm, and retailers are taking notice

“BookTok” has sent old books back to the top of bestseller lists and helped launch the careers of new authors. Videos with the BookTok hashtag have been viewed a collective 12.6 billion times.

…Retailers like Barnes & Noble have taken advantage of BookTok’s popularity to market titles popular on the app to customers by creating specialized shelves featuring books that have gone viral.

“We’re identifying these trends as big opportunities,” Shannon DeVito, director of books at Barnes & Noble, said. “So [Barnes & Noble store managers] say, ‘Let’s create a table, let’s create a shelf, let’s create a statement because I know I have so many customers coming in saying, ‘I saw this trending on TikTok.’’”

We know that demographically the Millennials and younger are the most educated Americans in history, even though our creakingly geriatric mass pop culture would have you believe that they are nothing more than avo-toast munching gamers with vocal fry.

Being an Old, I hope that the Callous Yutes of Today are also going to public libraries for these books, and I am certain that librarians (who are total badasses and defenders of democracy!) are putting BookTok recommendations out on tables, too. Not everyone has the cheddar to buy the books. (Do the kids still say cheddar?)

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  1. Do the kids still say cheddar?

    I believe ‘moolah’ is the currently preferred term.

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  2. revzafod says:

    Do the kids still say cheddar? Oh, you kid. Twentythree skidoo!


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