‘Oops,’ Said Faceberg

This was all over the Tweeter yesterday, I have no idea why Faceberg did this (though releasing it on Instagram—which he owns and trends to younger demo than Facebook is totally in character), especially the John Denver sound track.

The device he is riding is a hydrofoil, they cost $12K Ameros (or thereabouts), and the rider is an out-of-touch putz, and yeah, it laughed a thousand memes. My favorites, ranked:

Because I love a good call-back to an earlier meme:

A classic is a classic for a reason:

Because when I think of Faceberg, I think of dystopia:

Who doesn’t love a good Ted Cruz ¡SNAP!?

Conclusion: Faceberg should return to his spear-chucking hobby. He’s King of the Dorks no matter how hard he tries to be anything else.


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  1. sos says:

    I wish they could bring John Denver back to life just so he could sue Mark Zuckerberg for this.

    Yeah, sure, except for more songs like Rocky Mountain High.

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