And in Independence Day News…

Family Fun Day for the Coup Klux Klan

Pennsyltucky shall rise again:

Tensions Flare as White Supremacists March in Front of Philly City Hall

The group of dozens of men wore white face coverings, kakis, blue shirts and tan hats and waved flags with insignias appearing to belong to the Patriot Front organization.

And be me that those white masks are the only masks those mothereffers have worn in the Trump-Virus era.

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11 Responses to And in Independence Day News…

  1. laura says:

    The face coverings really let’s you know that their Patriots.

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  2. E.A. Blair says:

    From the same people who probably refuse to wear a mask against COVID-19.

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  3. angry spittle says:

    Fucking ignorant paranoid racist scum sucking cowards.

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  4. Wht is it with these nazis dressing like fucking corporate drones? Nothing says “Master race” like being the 3rd sales associate in the Best Buy small appliances section, yah know?

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    • tengrain says:

      I was taken back by the khakis, too. It sounded like every trade who I attended in Silicon Valley (excepting the white masks).

      Unbelievable, but the tiki torch marchers (who would not be replaced) wore a similar uniform.




    • MDavis says:

      They look like Walmart “associates”. Also, shortly after Charlottesville the Walmart dress code changed. I guess they didn’t want the association – or it was just coincidence.

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  5. Sir Nigel says:

    Khaki pants….modern day Brown Shirts?

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  6. Osirisopto says:

    After the rout this rally turned into they’ll be for known as the “Brown Shorts”

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