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The terrible sand people of the terrible sand kingdom of Arizonastan.

The Terrible Sand Kingdom of Arizonastan continues to distinguish themselves. You see, before there was the Fraudit, there was Prznint Stupid and his Stupidest Lawyer ™ Rudy Giuliani, and former failed-appointed senator Kelli Ward (now the TSKoA GOP Chairperson), pressuring the county supervisors, you know, who oversee elections.

Former President Trump, Arizona GOP chair Kelli Ward and Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani tried to contact Maricopa County supervisors weeks after the 2020 election in an effort to get the county to change its election results, the Arizona Republic reported Friday.

In one text that Ward sent supervisor Clint Hickman on Nov. 13, she asked him to “at least get an independent computer expert” to see if the county had any issues with its ballot count, according to the Republic.

“Not someone who already works there,” she reportedly wrote. “These ballots can be counted manually, assuming nobody deleted the folder holding the ambiguous ballot scans. If the folder was deleted, federal data forensics teams could theoretically undelete it and perhaps track down the person who deleted it. What if election fraud was as easy as dragging votes from one folder to another?”

No mention of the winky emoji being used, but I’m only guessing. Not really.

And Item #2: When The Terrible Coal Kingdom of Pennsyltucky grows up, it  wants to be the TSKoA:

“Following in the footsteps of Arizona’s Senate Republicans, Pennsylvania’s Republican-controlled Senate is considering an investigation into how last year’s presidential election was conducted, a quest fueled by former President Donald Trump’s baseless claims that fraud was behind his loss in the battleground state.”

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  1. Jimmy T says:

    I’m really hoping that we will avoid an uncivil war, but the news seems to be pointing in that direction more and more. There may as many as 30 million people who believe the BS being sp(r)outed, and they are mostly the Nazi wannabees and the racists and misogynists, and the white supremacists, but I repeat myself. We outnumber them by a lot, so the outcome should favor our side, but damn, their could be a bloodbath…

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  2. I will point out that the Maricopa Board of Supes told Khemtrails Kelli to go pound sand. The whole fraud thing didn’t start until the Karen of the State Senate demanded to see the manager ordered them to turn over the ballots and a judge  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ because the Lege can do that.

    Of course we know Clint Hickman is the master mind behind shredding the ballots and feeding to chickens on his family’s egg farm, then burning the barn down to hide his [checks notes] generations-long republican power in the valley family’s conspiracy to throw the election to that Chicom Marxist radical Joe Biden.

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    • Weird Dave says:

      A not completely insane Republican. Straight to voicemail:

      Hickman told The Arizona Republic, which first received the records from Maricopa County, that he did not return the phone call. He said he presumed Trump would try to pressure him to change election results or discuss election conspiracies as he had done with Raffensperger.

      “I’m not going to tape a president, so I’m not going to talk to a president. … I didn’t want to have a very rough call to my home on a Sunday night,” Hickman told the Republic.

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      • CalicoJack says:

        To which I say, chickenshit. “I’m not going to be the witness in a corruption trial against a president who is trying to steal an election and destroy our democracy. Not if it means being on the receiving end of a rough phone call at home on a Sunday. No country, no democracy is worth that.”

        Fuck that guy.



  3. Parfigliano says:

    “Will no one rid me of this tiresome priest”

    [Tengrain was here, changed some eliminationist language… As always, I agree with the sentiment, but… ]


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