GRIFTTR For Dummies

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(A screenshot of the GETTR app as seen on Apple’s App Store.)

Guys, getting a new social media platform up and running to scale takes a lot of work and Ameros, both of which is something that Lord Damp Nut has little of. So who, what, how did GRIFTTR get created?

Trumpworld App Is Bankrolled by Fugitive Chinese Billionaire


“A new social media network led by Trump adviser Jason Miller is backed by a fugitive Chinese billionaire who once invited Steve Bannon to live on his yacht. On Thursday, Miller announced the launch of ‘Gettr,’ a new social media app aimed at conservatives that promises to be ‘cancel-free.’ Trump fans wary of social media censorship on more prominent platforms like Twitter and Facebook started to sign up for the platform after Politico reported on the existence of the new site.

“What’s not made clear to Gettr’s new users, though, is that the site received initial funding from a foundation owned by Chinese billionaire Guo Wengui and his family. In an interview with The Daily Beast on Thursday, Miller said Guo’s ‘family foundation’ provided Gettr with early funding.”

Of course.

Anyway, GRIFTTR seems to be a rip-off of Twitter and in fact allows users to not only import their own tweets history, but it imports their followers:

But the similarities with Twitter don’t end there. GETTR’s app also claims to offer new users the ability to “import copies of your content from Twitter to GETTR.” And evidence on the site indicates that the new platform is also allowing users to import their actual Twitter followers — who somehow end up with GETTR accounts of their own.

For example, Republican Senate candidate Sean Parnell in Pennsylvania, had over 175,000 followers on GETTR as of Thursday afternoon, despite only joining the platform Thursday. His follower count on GETTR is identical to his follower count on Twitter.

…which to me seems like an invasion of privacy. Wait until those 175,000 people start getting dick pill spam and unsolicited solicitations to set up recurring donations to Hair Füror.

No one seems to know if failed Florida blogger Lord Damp Nut hisself is going to join. He quit his blog when it failed to catch on, and his unique demands to be able to troll the media and pwn the libs won’t be there, just like they were not there on Parlor, Gab, etc, and he quit those, too. So we guessing he ain’t gonna join.

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8 Responses to GRIFTTR For Dummies

  1. osirisopto says:

    I wonder if twitter has any thoughts on the ownership of their data?

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  2. RWW says:

    It won’t be around very long, but in the meantime we can just call it Gutter.

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  3. roket says:

    GETTR-done. No terms, no conditions, no privacy. And no they are NOT tracking your phone. [wink-wink, knod-knod]

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  4. sos says:


    I’m sure they take user’s privacy and security as sacrosanct. FLEECR


  5. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    Apparently, it’s a security nightmare.


  6. They’re not just scraping up twitter accounts, they’re directly linking to twitter images, apparently, leading to this awesome tweet:

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