Didn’t Trump University Teach Tax Evasion 101?

Stable Jenius

You know, if you are gonna lead a life of crime, and cosplay that you are a Mafia Don, it would be a good idea not to leave a paper trail of your crimes. Lord Damp Nut’s company kept an internal ledger of exactly how much money it was hiding from the IRS, which I would think be one of the first things Trump University would warn you against doing in Tax-Evasion 101:

Weisselberg caused the Trump Corporation to issue corporate checks made payable to a Trump Organization employee who cashed the checks and received cash. The cash was given to Weisselberg for his personal use. The Trump Corporation booked this cash as “Holiday Entertainment,” but maintained internal spreadsheets showing the cash to be part of Weisselberg’s employee compensation.

They documented their own crimes?

For certain years, the Trump Organization maintained internal spreadsheets that tracked the amounts it paid for Weisselberg’s rent, utility, and garage expenses. Simultaneously, the Trump Organization reduced the amount of direct compensation that Weisselberg received in the form of checks or direct deposits to account for the indirect compensation that he received in the form of payments of rent, utility bills, and garage expenses. The indirect compensation was not included on Weisselberg’s W-2 forms or otherwise reported to federal, state, or local tax authorities, and no income taxes were withheld by the corporate defendants in connection with the indirect compensation.

Good work, Stable Jenius.

But all is not lost! According to Tiger Beat on the Potomac (thanks Charlie!), the indictments are good news for John McCain!!1!

Trump was thrilled by what he saw as light charges, and according to one of [his] advisers…his mind raced to 2024. “Just wait until 2024, you’ll see,” Trump said. The former president implied that the legal case would be seen as a political witch hunt that would backfire on Democrats. “This is going to hurt Sleepy Joe.” The [unnamed] adviser had the impression that Trump, who was already coming off a high from the large crowd at his rally in Ohio last weekend, was emboldened by the news. “Now he’s definitely going to run for president” again, the person said.

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  1. Bruce388 says:

    FrontButt doesn’t seem to realize these indictments are the appetizers. The main course(s) will be arriving in due time.

    And Kurt Eichenwald, who writes about corporate crime, thinks the T**** Org is dead:
    “As someone who has written for decades about corporate crime, I was reading the Trump O/Weisselberg indictment going, “Yah, ok..hmm..yah..ok..Wait..HOLY SHIT!” The Trump Org is in deep, deep trouble. And not because of the criminal charges. Because of its bank loan covenants…/1″

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  2. RWW says:

    Trump wouldn’t look at a spreadsheet unless it was a centerfold, but he ordered one be kept to make sure other people could read it to him and assure him that Weisselberg and others weren’t ripping him off and over-compensating themselves under the table. He’s so smart to have avoided e-mail to keep hisself out of trouble, though.

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    • THIS…he never trusts anyone. I knew the moment I saw that bit about the spreadsheets that all this evidence was so he could be sure no one was cheating him. Remember, the guy cashed a 30 cent check that time. He may be dumb, senile, illiterate and bugnutz crazy, but he’s also the cheapest bastard on the planet and would fuck you over for three dimes and a nickel.

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  3. Ten Bears says:

    I have laughed, here even, at how they want to be criminals but can’t keep their heads down, eyes open, mouth shut. How the cardinal rule of being an Outlaw ~ outside the “protection” of “The Law” ~ is don’t attract attention to yourself. That and, uhhh … don’t take notes.

    I’m starting to think they’re actually stupider than the people who vote for them.

    Laugh. Out. Loud

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    • Part of this whole thing is because they’ve gotten away with this shit since the 60’s at least.

      I was peripherally connected to the financial and commercial development world in Manhattan in the mid-80s to early 90’s and knew people who dealt with him and all the others like him. It was a given that you cheat on taxes. (literally…my wife’s boss made her a ‘independent contractor’ so he didn’t have to pay payroll taxes, even though she was in all other respect his employee. This was just “How It Was Done”. That was the year we did our taxes and went “Oh fuck..we owe the IRS money we don’t have…now what??” Fortunately it was only a few grand and we were able to get an extension.)

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  4. sos says:

    Ahhhh, so THAT’S why Drumpf Co has gone unpunished for … almost 50 Years. wtf

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  5. roket says:

    This is all going to make one hell of a movie someday.

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    • Dennis Cole says:

      How about condensing the TV shit we’ve been watching, and making it into a series or something?

      Oh, right – that’s already been done, and who in their right mind would want to watch a recap?


    • revzafod says:

      Time for a title competition. My suggestions:
      “All Lord DampNut’s Men”
      “All TFG’s Men”


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