‘Phew,’ Says Twizzler

H/T Scissorhead Dennis Cole

Wait till he reads the comments on YouTube…

“The Jury has already concluded that My Daddy is innocent,” Twizzler mewled. “Case dismissed.”


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8 Responses to ‘Phew,’ Says Twizzler

  1. Big Bad bald Bastard says:

    It’s no biggie, that guy who flipped, the CFO, was merely the Coffee Finding Officer. Trump hardly knew him.

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  2. R White says:

    Gary Buddy must be soooo proud of his bastard…

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  3. Meremark says:

    How does such an imbecile breathe?

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  4. purplehead says:

    Oh man, does Dennis create these horrifyingly magnificent images? They are all just so perfectly aligned with their subjects. Just terrific.

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  5. sos says:

    LDN still doesn’t love Eric (or his idiot brother). Not like he does Ivanka anyway.

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