Have Patience, It’s Happening

The WaPo:

“A grand jury in Manhattan filed criminal indictments Wednesday against former president Donald Trump’s company and its longtime chief financial officer,”

“The indictments against the Trump Organization and its CFO, Allen Weisselberg, will remain sealed until Thursday afternoon, leaving the specific charges against them unclear.”

“Trump himself is not expected to be charged this week and no others in his orbit are expected to face imminent charges. But the indictments could mark a significant escalation in his legal problems — both by exposing his company to potential fines and by raising the pressure on Weisselberg.”

And here’s the thing to consider, Scissorheads: The Trump Org is dead meat. No one will want to be the replacement Weisselberg, and the Trump Crime Family cannot run it themselves. If the money stops, they stop.

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12 Responses to Have Patience, It’s Happening

  1. artahzen says:

    From your keyboard to the noodly appendages of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

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  2. Dennis Cole says:

    Roll over, Allen! Speak! That’s a good boy, Mr Weisselberg!

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  3. Ten Bears says:

    I want to see them stripped – of everything: clothes, shoes, belt, wallet; car keys, cell phones, credit cards, citizenship … and marched naked down Fifth Avenue to an awaiting re-purposed oil tanker to sail it and its git off into the sunset, into exile, never to return. If a mob lays hands on ’em …

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  4. MDavis says:

    Didn’t the reports say the grand jury was prepared to hear testimony for six months?

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  5. Redhand says:

    Once the indictment specifics become public, be prepared for an endless stream of whining argle-bargle from TFG (“the former guy” but “this fuckin guy” also fits) about witch hunts and Gawd knows what else suggesting that he somehow had a right to head a criminal organization that shouldn’t be held accountable.

    And, we should expect the GQP to fall right in line. After all, nothing this fucker does fails the smell test with these swine, be it a multi-million dollar fraud settlement (“Trump University”) shortly before the 2016 election, or the NY State mandated dissolving of the utterly corrupt and criminal Trump Foundation for hopeless fraud, self-dealing and money laundering.

    Of course, the GQP won’t falter in its support. I mean, they’re just fine with ignoring a violent, Trump-incited insurrection and attack on the U.S. Capitol Building and attempt to overturn a presidential election, so a criminal fraud indictment of his criminal empire is chicken feed.

    Bottom line is that our Republic remains in mortal danger from these swine.

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    • MDavis says:

      “nothing this fucker does fails the smell test”
      But a few of the cult are beginning to fall away because he’s been committing the ultimate sin. He’s repetitive and boring. Okay, he’s always been repetitive, but they are noticing now.
      I remember a tale about training people in prison to tolerate non-excitement, a low stimulation environment (I recall the test subject having limits on TV viewing and him kvetching to himself that the most exciting thing on was a documentary about ants) and this development supports that authors motif. If you crave excitement it’s more to your taste to riot about a vote that didn’t go your way than to learn some things about our boring constitution and the local council meetings.

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  6. he’s not a witch, he’s not a witch! hell, he can’t manage a water glass…

    But anyways, isn’t the saying “A grand jury would indict a ham sandwich”? Meet Mr. Ham Sandwich, CFO.

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  7. it does, however, seem that they are going after TFG’s hotels and golf courses, which seems like it will sting quite a bit more.

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