The Stupid Coup Will Be Investigated

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Guys, The Stupid Coup will be investigated! Pay attention to Sec. 2 of the resolution as this is where the play really starts:


(a) APPOINTMENT OF MEMBERS.—The Speaker shall appoint 13 Members to the Select Committee, 5 of whom shall be appointed after consultation with the minority leader.

(b) DESIGNATION OF CHAIR.—The Speaker shall designate one Member to serve as chair of the Select Com- mittee.

(c) VACANCIES.—Any vacancy in the Select Com- mittee shall be filled in the same manner as the original appointment.

So there is no doubt in my mind that K-Mac is going to nominate 5 bomb throwers (Hi Gym Jordan! Hi Boebert! Hi Madge!) to try to derail the investigation, and Nancy will have 8 sane people to counter-balance it.

So what if one of Pelosi’s 8 nominees is Liz Cheney or some other Coup Klux Klan apostate? Then the committee looks more balanced between Ds and Rs, and has someone of consequence from the opposition on the panel who actually wants to investigate. At the end when an official report is published, it will have a Republican’s signature on it.


Nancy Pelosi is crafty, and she didn’t just fall off a boat in Fishermens Wharf yesterday.

Anyway, that’s what I’m looking for when the appointments are announced. The House betting windows are open for wagers.

UPDATE 1: Tiger Beat on the Potomac (thanks Charlie!) morning email thingie agrees!

PELOSI’S JAN. 6 COMMITTEE CURVEBALL — Speaker NANCY PELOSIsurprised Washington when her office announced Monday that she was open to appointing a Republican to fill one of her party’s spots on the select committee to investigate Jan. 6. So instead of eight Democrats and five Republicans on the 13-member panel, it would be a 7-6 breakdown.

The move shows Pelosi has learned a thing or two after two-plus years of investigating DONALD TRUMP.

For one, a Pelosi-appointed Republican would make it harder for GOP leaders to attack the panel’s investigation as a partisan witch hunt. If Democrats decide to subpoena House Minority Leader KEVIN MCCARTHY, for instance, they’ll be able to portray the move as bipartisan — assuming, as we do, that the GOP appointee would side with Democrats on such moves.

Having a Republican signing off on the final report could also bolster the findings in the eyes of some GOP voters (though we’re under no illusion that many of those voters exist anymore).

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17 Responses to The Stupid Coup Will Be Investigated

  1. Infidel753 says:

    K-Mac is going to nominate 5 bomb throwers

    That’s probably why it says “after consultation with” rather than actually letting him appoint them himself.

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    • Martin Pollard says:

      That’s my thinking as well. K-Mac can nominate anyone he likes, and Nancy Smash can take those recommendations, thank him, appoint whoever she prefers, and tell him to go pound sand. She’s made some questionable decisions in the past, I’ll grant you, but she’s not stupid.

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  2. mellowjohn says:

    Tho I agree with the idea, I think appointing Liz to the Select Committee is a sure way to make sure she loses her primary next year.

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  3. ming says:

    I can’t see Pelosi allowing Mad Madge and Qbert seats on the committee given that they’re likely to be subjects of the investigation. Then again, it would be some cringy political theater that could backfire on the Republicans. I can’t say that I have high hopes of consequences regardless of the findings, but it will be good to have the facts on the record. Maybe there’s a few unicorns out there, but most Republican voters are going to stick with the tribe no matter what.

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    • tengrain says:

      Totally agreee Ming. As George Lakoff wrote in “Moral Politics,”

      “People do not vote their interests, they vote their identities.”

      That said, having a Cheney subpoena K-Mac to testify under oath about that frantic phone call to Trump during the Coup, would be a fine moment. There’s some potential for several careers to end on the spot, and methinks a mercenary like a Cheney would not hesitate to clear the field of her potential 2024 Goat Rodeo challengers.



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  4. Ten Bears says:

    I don’t know, seems to me having a few bomb-throwers on the bus making on-going fools of themselves and those they “represent” might be of value to Operation Just Let Them Speak!

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    • Meremark says:

      My pain from that is they are made fools of themselves to us already. No more needed.

      But to themselves they attend fool school. They stop when we lay off their teachers and close the schools by which is meant stupid talking faces on TV and radio. If they cannot read a newspaper then they should not get news.

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  5. roket says:

    Eeek. I can see it now. K-Mac selects 5, Nancy Smash tells K-Mac “Sorry, candidates 2,3 & 5 are being investigated, please try another” etc., etc, etc.

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    • Osirisopto says:

      Yes. The trick will be finding six R’s that weren’t part of it before, during or after the fact.

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    • Mrs BDR and I brainstormed on the 5 crazies that coule be on the list and honestly the only one we could think of that wouldn’t be under investigation it the all-time champeen of Stupidest Congress Critter, his own self: Louie “Does NASA have a plan to move the Moon?” Gohmert.

      …but I’m casting asparagus on him…

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  6. Stony Pillow says:

    Subpoenas for written answers to questions only, with follow ups. And interim written progress reports.

    Deny them the chance to fling poo.

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  7. R White says:

    Just in from Business Insider: Moar tone-deafness from the raggedy band of grifters advising fat nixon in Michael Wolf’s upcoming tell-all as attributed to princess sparkletwat who saw the Jan. 6th insurrection as it unfolded as “An optics issue.”

    Someone who instead thought that speaking highly about her children’s acceptance into a private school in Florida which unfortunately had a diverse student body was more important. Pathetic

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  8. Richard Portman says:

    I want that taxidermy specimen. The guy on the wall. I can’t remember his name. No particular reason.


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