The Natives Are Restless

Attendees at the MAGA Rally?

Alert Scissorhead Baron vonBeavis sends in the following field report from Possum Hollar:

What did they expect? He only has one act.

QAnon supporters, some of whom are the former president’s most fanatical online backers, sent a barrage of messages through the Telegram app that expressed boredom and even anger at the speech Trump described as “the very first rally of the 2022 election.” They blasted Trump for not mentioning how his January 6 insurrection supporters are “rotting in jail.” And numerous others said Trump should be booed by the Ohio rallygoers for even “bringing up the word ‘vaccine,'” specifically because they believe COVID-19 was entirely a hoax.

The boo’ed Hair Füror’s vaccine that he personally made as the only person in the world that could possibly make the vaccine possible? You’d think they would line up, arms bared just to get a jab of his vital juices.


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17 Responses to The Natives Are Restless

  1. Martin Pollard says:

    You can only watch what’s left of your favorite 80’s band touring county fairs and playing their old hits so many times before it becomes boring and pathetic.

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  2. Honestly the cognitive dissonance in their heads is more of a a distorted symphony written by John Cage in the depths of a bad trip on the brown acid.

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  3. Jimmy T says:

    So even the Quers have a limit as to boring repetitive hate and grievance speech? I had thought they had their collective heads so far up TFG’s butt that they couldn’t hear properly. Maybe it’s time for them to take a collective breath, clear the air, study the facts, and move on. OK maybe not, but one can hope…


  4. Bruce388 says:

    Typing of one-hit wonders, if Ted Nugent had been there to blast Cat Scratch Fever the evening would have been perfect.

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  5. mr perfect says:

    I thought the best part was TFG griping again about Hilary Clinton, and calling her the unhappiest person in America. Says the guy constantly whinging about his election loss. I could think of one person less happy than Hilary.

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  6. roket says:

    Nope. The US does NOT have a mental health issue.

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