RoJo’s Daily Dog Whistle

“I heard you!”

Juneteenth opposition leader Sen. RoJo said the quiet parts out loud again:

In his address to the Wisconsin Republican Party state convention on Saturday, Johnson expressed his belief that Republicans have focused too heavily on federal elections and neglected the need to run candidates for local office.

“Trickle-up elections,” he said, according to the Capitol Times. “Take back our school boards, our county boards, our city councils. We will take back our culture. We don’t have to fear this anymore.

No word on whether RoJo was wearing his dress whites while issuing this decree.

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6 Responses to RoJo’s Daily Dog Whistle

  1. ali redford says:

    Geez, on which planet does he live, again? It’s as if he has no clue that they did that over a decade ago. They took over their local party and committee chair seats first, and they’re everywhere now, except maybe some places where enough people were paying attention and have busted tail to keep it from happening. They were all finished with RoJo’s plan here in KS by 1994.

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    • Today one of our esteemed republikkkans in the state lege voiced his support for a bill that would put the Lege in charge of any old emergency declaration in this state by saying the “Governing is done best by those closest to the people”

      He has also helped to pass bills (that were shot down as unconstitutional) that would control how and when we hold city elections. These same ‘close to the stinky pipples’ assholes are busily passing laws to let people opt out of paying the tax increase on the 1% that we the stinky pipples passed to better fund education.

      They don’t give a flying fuck about the ‘people’, never have, never will.

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      • ali redford says:

        I’m sorry; our lege did that session before last, after people complained about our governor’s shutdown. They strengthened that this session, so that probably flew on the wind right to AZ. sigh I wish people paid better attention to downticket elections, and to what the people running in them actually stand for. But, maybe they hear what they want to hear…

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  2. genelms says:

    But those were the old R’s. They need to be replaced my MAGA-R’s.


  3. w3ski4me says:

    Another Un-American loud mouth heard from.
    You just might think our Senators and Congresscritters should be a bit more educated than that.
    Even I, school F’ off that I was, came away with the understanding of our US National Motto, “Out of many, one.” We tried a civil war and it failed miserably we do need to try something else.
    Perhaps “Unity” or at least tolerance would work?
    Yet here we have another elected hater spreading division.
    Maybe we should make a law that all Senators and Congresscritters must take and pass a civics test?
    Just saying

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  4. R White says:

    Since we all know for certain that the ‘pubs in the antiquated senate will vote NO on any and every bit of legislation that isn’t tax cuts for corporations and the inbred wealthy or deregulation, rojo and the usual suspects (raphael “teddy ooze” cruz, ms. lyndsey “clutching her pearls” graham, chuck “what day and time is it” grassley, lil’ marco “desperately wanting to be seen as pious” rubio, rand “i have the intellect of an emotionally stunted teenager” Paul to name a few…) are nothing more than assclowns engaging in a less than entertaining theatre of the absurd.

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