My Week on Crooks and Liars

I thought that I should re-cap my week on Crooks and Liars (last week), you know, summer re-runs, 100° heat and all that) and address comments about what the rules are.

The Rules of the round-up (such as they are) are that we try to spread the wealth. I check the archives for the past two weeks to see if a blog has been used, and if it has, I won’t use it.

Because I often follow Batocchio, it’s rare that I get to link to some of his favorite blogs, and as he and I share some favorites, it is always a challenge to follow him. He’s the best!

(True story, I once linked to the same damn post he linked to the day before! So I learned to check!)

The only other criteria I try to follow is to look for smaller, less-trafficked blogs. The original Mike at Crooks and Liars found MPS, and it changed the game. I try to pay that debt forward.

All of this is not a hard/fast rule but a guideline (that I set up), but being that I am a hobgoblin with a small mind, I stick to it.


Good Monday morning, Crooks and Liars! I hope everyone had a great Juneteenth holiday weekend. While one would think having a day off would be widely celebrated and enjoyed, our bloggers today notice that not everyone is on-board.

Big Bad Bald Bastard learns about Juneteenth and looks forward to making an annual family celebration tradition.

40 Years in the Desert tells the South to surrender already.

Saywhat Politics notices Rep. Mo Brooks, who would-be the Senator from Alabama, was all in favor of a different holiday.

Bonus Track: Claytoonz breaks their own rule about publishing cartoons for a holiday on that holiday, and explains why.

Tuesday: True story – Scissorhead Jimmy-T turned me on to Disturbed’s version of the Sound of Silence. I keep telling y’all that you are my favorite editors and I read your tips.

I’ve been baffled by Critical Race Theory, which is the latest boogeyman on the right. Red States are banning teaching it in schools, and yet the politicians cannot even define what it is; perhaps like porn, “they know it when they see it”?  The professors who blog at Electoral-Vote has an overview of Critical Race Theory that is very useful for trying to define what it is and what it isn’t. Our bloggers today help us out:

Trash Blog observes why Critical Race Theory should inform our schools’ curricula.

Butterflies & Wheels read Andrew Sullivan’s recent piece on Critical Race Theory and decides he was writing about, uh… whiteness studies.

Stinque suggests that Saint Ronnie coulda used some CRT analysis himself.

Bonus Track: Free Range looks at Cancel Culture!


Sometimes, all the the hot-button issues —that our polite parents told us to avoid— converge.

Bark Bark Woof Woof tells us that Las Vegas Raiders defensive lineman Carl Nassib became the first active NFL player in history to announce that he is gay.

Eschaton reports that the Surpemos did good for a change: NCAA lost the right to get rich off of uncompensated labor, bigly.

Liberals are Cool has a hashtag on #LateStageCapitalism that points out an inherent flaw in Wingnuttia’s argument of life under socialism.

Bonus Track: Miss Cellania shames the Fat Cats!


In our short-attention span world, we know that few read beyond the headlines. This is why it is important to call out the media when they frame the story incorrectly. Example of incorrect framing: Democrats Fail in Senate. Correct framing GOP Blocks Voting Rights. Who is the actor, what was the action, and what was the outcome? That’s it for Headlines 101.

Hackwhackers asks what could be more cynical.

Zandar Versus The Stupid wants to know what Plan B is for Plan V?

No More Mister Nice Blog suggests it’s all about rage.

Bonus Track: Because we’re all about the music, Fact Magazine gives us a look at the world’s largest sequencer in operation.


The treachery of TFG and his administration cannot ever be forgotten; can gross incompetence be a defense for crimes against humanity? Asking for about 320 million survivors.

The Psy of Life reports that thanks to TFG’s mismanagement of the pandemic, life expectancy in the US has had a significant drop.

Spocko’s Brain wants to hold someone accountable for the nearly 900 Secret Service employees who became infected while working for TFG.

Juanita Jean’s tells us about the day Hope died.

Infidel753 tells us that divided we stand, and it’s good for us.

Bonus Track: Strong Language Blog says you can’t patent the Eff-word. (NSFW: Language, duh.)


Happy Gay Pride Month, Crooks and Liars!

Balloon Juice tells us that the Navajo Nation celebrated its first official Pride Parade.

I’ll Call It Like I See It remembers Harvey Milk with pride

Michael-in-Norfolk reminds us that Senate Republicans Remain Enemies of LGBT Americans.

Bonus Track: OutRight explains the acronyms used in the LGBTQ+ community.

Bonus bonus-track: Because we’re all about how music is made Point Blank Music School YouTube Channel deconstructs “Smalltown Boy” by Bronski Beat. It’s long, but so much fun!


No week at Mike’s Blog Round-Up would be complete without staring at the 5-ton Elephant in the room: the Republicans creeping/leaping fascism.

AnnieAsksYou: The Demagogues Are Having a Field Day.

Lawyers, Guns & Money exclaims we are teetering on the edge of fascism.

News Corpse has something to say to Tucker Carlson.

3 Chics Politico collects the reactions.

Bonus Track: Shower Cap reviews the week as only he can.

What a week, amiright?! We celebrated Juneteenth officially for the FIRST TIME EVER, dove headfirst into Critical Race Theory, learned about headlines, screamed about the pandemic, and celebrated Gay Pride, thanks to the help of 18 or so outstanding bloggers! Thank you for letting me be part of your week, I hope to return soon! Regards, Tengrain

Annie, from the magnificent blog Annie Asks You asked me (see what I did there?) about the way I do deep dives on a single topic; this week was unusual because it was pretty much nothing but deep dives. Every curator at the Round-up has their own style.

One last thing and I’ll end this post: Crooks and Liars is very unusual in that they have always reached out to the other blogs and have offered a hand; they don’t have to do this, but in the spirit of the OG blogs, they use their enormous platform to help the entire community.

I don’t say this lightly, and I know times are tough, but if you can afford to make a donation to Crooks & Liars, I would appreciate it. It’s not a secret that the blogs are having a rough time with algorithms and AI directing traffic away from us (traffic here has fallen by at least 50% from just a couple of years ago), but an ad-supported BIG BLOG like C&L is suffering. Details on donations are here.

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  1. MDavis says:

    What happened to Zandar’s Plan B post?
    Miss Cellania’s fat cat might benefit from being checked for worms or, better yet, for boredom. Cats aren’t humans, those who care about nothing but getting more are really rare.

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    • tengrain says:

      I dunno, but it was easy to find. Maybe zandar edited something? The web is mysterious in its exactitude.



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      • MDavis says:

        Oh, there it is. Thanks. I had no luck with search, tried just paging back through posts, didn’t go far enough back.
        More “I don’t get tech stuff” – the only difference seems to be that there is an “l” on the end of the one that works, the other just ends “.htm”


  2. annieasksyou says:

    Thanks very much for your kind mention of my “demagogues” post and your oh-so-generous description of my blog. I appreciate how much time goes into your finding a week’s worth of posts.

    And I love C&L’s support of “blog-building.” You’re right: it’s time to make a donation—
    just as soon as I’ve finished making end-of-quarter donations to some embattled Democrats! Elissa Slotkin’s request called early donations the “yeast” that is so important for campaigns.

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  3. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    Thanks for the linkage, it means a lot.


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