Bedtime Reading?

I guess I should not be surprised that out of all books, Kilmeade would cop to reading that one, and it’s a tell (as the card sharps say) when you want to ban discussing of systemic racism in schools but think reading Hitler’s autobiography is part of a well-rounded education.


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2 Responses to Bedtime Reading?

  1. Jimmy T says:

    Hitler was noted for being drawn to mysticism. Hitler went to a fortune teller and asked her, “On what day will I die?” The fortune teller told him that he would die on a Jewish holiday. “Why are you so sure of that?” demanded Hitler. “Any day,” she replied, “on which you die will be a Jewish holiday.”
    Not sure why anyone other a history buff would read Mein Kampf, but when the book is being promoted by Nazi wannabes, you can guess what they have in mind if they gain power again…

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  2. roket says:

    If you are a TFG supporter, that also makes you a big f’ing liar because you have to lie in order to continue the Big F’ing Lie. This isn’t Jewish Space Laser science.

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