Today in History

Same Sex Marriage was legalized in the US on this date in 2015.

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6 Responses to Today in History

  1. The arc of the universe bends towards justice, but the university is big. Sometimes the arc needs a few crowbars.


  2. glitterbug says:

    And look what happened in 2016!

    Wake up sheeple!


  3. laura says:

    Our Governor Gavin Newsom didn’t wait to green light City Hall to start issuing licenses and conducting civil ceremonies. Add that to the list of reasons to reject the bullshit, election nullifying recall scam foisted on us by our lessers.


  4. artahzen says:

    I was performing wedding ceremonies for same sex couples in 2014 in Los Angeles. I actually had done one in 2013, that of my brother’s widower and his new husband, now known as “the boys”. That was what got me started doing ceremonies for the general public. I did that until the lock down and just got an email that we will be starting up again soon. I may not go back but I enjoyed it immensely for over 6 years.


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