Infrastructure Week!

The Republican Party Takes Flight

When last we checked in on Infrastructure Week, Nancy Smash and President Handsome Joe Biden had publicly announced that the bipartisan infrastructure bill would be partnered with a reconciliation bill that would cover the bits that the Republicans hated.

And even though this strategy had been public for weeks, the bad-faith Coup Klux Klan negotiators  are suddenly outraged by the infamy of getting what they demanded:

Senate Republicans who negotiated an infrastructure deal with President Joe Biden celebrated Thursday, then woke up angry on Friday.

The five GOP senators who cut a deal with moderate Democrats and the president are frustrated that Biden explicitly tied his signature on a bipartisan infrastructure bill to a separate Democrats-only measure, according to three Republican aides familiar with the dynamics. Biden has long said he wants to push forward both measures together, but Republicans viewed his Thursday comment as openness to vetoing the very same bill he’d just endorsed.

And so of course they are now demanding that Democrats don’t take up the reconciliation bill, you know, in the name of bipartisanship:


That may be for the best, since ONE of the mechanisms to pay for it turns out to be a gift to the fat cats:

The bipartisan infrastructure proposal revealed Thursday has a long list of pay-fors. Among them is something called “asset recycling,” or, as it might otherwise be known, “a fancy way of turning public infrastructure into private infrastructure.”

But how exactly? And how might such an operation help the government fund a $1.2 trillion infrastructure deal? Per research and policy organization In The Public Interest, asset recycling sells off public goods like “roads, water systems, and electric utilities” with the intent of using lease money to fund new infrastructure. Proponents say asset recycling “builds upon itself.”

You can ask our friends in Chicago how well privatization worked for them when Da Mayor Richard Daley sold off the public parking meters to a hedge fund.

Not well!

Upchuck Todd is very concerned:

“Let’s be blunt: Democrats are one vote away from their Senate majority – and with it their ability to pass anything without Republican votes – disappearing. Every day they go without a bill is a risk and this process could easily run into September, October, or beyond if a bill proves difficult to hammer out.”

“As Infrastructure Week turns into Infrastructure Summer and Infrastructure Fall, do Democrats still keep their fragile majorities?”

“That might be the biggest question of all.”

It’s not that the Republicans are being duplicitous, it’s that the Dems are in disarray.

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15 Responses to Infrastructure Week!

  1. As Infrastructure Week turns into Infrastructure Summer and Infrastructure Fall, do Democrats still keep their fragile majorities?”

    I would remind Puddle-of-Vomit that according to [checks notes] that liberal propaganda tool called “the Calendar”, Demcrats will retain their current ‘fragile’ majorities until January 2022, which is almost a year and a half away.

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  2. roket says:

    I strongly suspect Both Sides Todd votes republican.

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    • R White says:

      Of course he does. Morally bankrupt republicans are the only ones that would allow toadies like chuck to write off his infamous donkey fellating services on his taxes.

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    • Meremark says:

      That imbecile is too stupid to rationalize a vote. Copycats hannity imbecile.


  3. MDavis says:

    “House scrambles to manage fallout of Biden’s ‘tandem’ remarks”
    ‘tandem’ remarks = reminding people the deal was for both bills to be approved together
    fallout = Republicans screaming bloody murder about being expected to honor their own word
    liberal media = same old horse pucky

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  4. revzafod says:

    Dianne Feinstein (D) 88
    Chuck Grassley (R) 87
    Richard Shelby (R) 87
    Jim Inhofe (R) 86
    Pat Roberts (R) 85

    Keep Feinstein on life support if needed, then thoughts and prayers for any [or up to all 4] of the others to croak and give the D’s a solid, if temporary, majority.

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  5. McDee says:

    Why do the Dems have such a hard time passing good things when they are in power and such a hard time stopping bad things when they are out of power. One may begin to wonder if that’s a feature and not a bug. It seems stopping Bernie and Bernie style legislation is their primary goal and they have been quite good at that.

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    • tengrain says:

      McDee –

      The Democratic base isn’t very good at electing Democrats from the Democratic wing of the Democratic Party is my guess.

      Elect more Bernies and we can have more Bernie-style legislation. And yes, I’m bitter about it, too.



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      • McDee says:

        I would bet that if Manchin and Sinema get progressive primary challenges the Dem establishment will back the Senators to the max and not the challengers. It is the establishment that doesn’t want more Bernies and Bernie-style legislation.


      • tengrain says:

        McDee –

        I agree, but not for the same reasons. The only way a D can win in WV is if they are an R in disguise. Getting rid of Manchin (unless the Senate went Democratic BIGLY) would hand the gavel back too McConnell.

        Now, get a real progressive to challenge DiFi, and I’d say LET’S DO IT!

        No, the solution is to overwhelmingly elect Democrats to the senate first and then primary the Blue Dogs.



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  6. pagan in repose says:

    Freakin’ feces ensconced republicans!They seem to like the smell of themselves as they rot in the summer sun.

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  7. Osirisopto says:

    Ok. Who else has “fillibuster” on their infrastructure bingo card?


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