Gimme an F… Gimme an U

H/T Scissorhead Dennis Cole

I love this story:

Supreme Court rules for cheerleader in case involving school rules, free speech on social media

The Supreme Court on Wednesday ruled in a major free speech case involving when schools can enforce rules of conduct on social media.

She fought the law and the law lost!

In an 8-1 decision authored by Justice Stephen Breyer, the court said schools’ authority to regulate student speech is highly limited in off-campus settings, including on social media.

[We interrupt to say that Justice Breyer would look really good floating on a pool noodle in a RETIREMENT COMMUNITY. ** hint **]

“We do not believe the special characteristics that give schools additional license to regulate student speech always disappear when a school regulates speech that takes place off campus,” Breyer wrote. “The school’s regulatory interests remain significant in some off-campus circumstances.”

The position of Scissorheads everywhere is that free speech should have no legal limits (beyond yelling fire in a theater, duh), and so this is a great good thing and the Supremes did something good for a change. We also think that this would be a dandy ruling to cement Breyer’s outstanding legacy as he retires. ** hint **

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  1. Dennis Cole says:

    So let him stay – and then we add 3 seats, cementing our majority, and each seat on the bench should represent one of the 12 District Courts, taking up a different District’s cases each month, rotating on a yearly basis.

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