The World’s Greatest Debate Club

Sweet, sweet relief

Here’s what happened with the Senate yesterday:

The 50 Democrats in the Senate who voted to debate the For The People Act represent 43 million more Americans than the 50 GOP senators who oppose it. Which of course means that a mere 41 Republicans —who represent a only 21% of the country— blocked the bill that 68% of the country supports.

Sen. Joe Manchin cosponsored a measure in 2011 that would eliminate the filibuster on motions to proceed to debate, so maybe Ol’ Joe will take this opportunity to revisit that?

The WaPo:

Senate Republicans banded together Tuesday to block a sweeping Democratic bill that would revamp the architecture of American democracy, dealing a grave blow to efforts to federally override dozens of GOP-passed state voting laws. The test vote, which would have cleared the way to start debate on voting legislation, failed 50-50 on straight party lines—10 votes short of the supermajority needed to advance legislation in the Senate.… While many Democrats and liberal activists insist the fight is not over—pledging to launch a final, furious push over the coming weeks to change the Senate’s rules to pass the bill—they face long odds as key lawmakers have insisted they are not willing to eliminate the chamber’s supermajority rule to override Republican opposition.

[Mitch] McConnell and other Republicans have taken aim at numerous provisions in the Democratic legislation, including a proposal to publicly finance congressional campaigns, potential new disclosure requirements for political donors, and a realignment of the Federal Election Commission meant to break partisan gridlock in enforcing election laws. And they have maintained their solid opposition to the ballot-access provisions in the Democratic bill—such as a guaranteed period of early voting, mandatory no-excuse mail voting, and a broad new automatic voter registration system—by arguing that the federal government simply has no role in dictating state election laws.


The bottom line is that nothing is going to get through the Senate unless the filibuster is taken down; not any infrastructure bill, not any voting rights bill, nothing. The Biden Agenda is dead and Mitch McConnell and his wrecking crew will campaign on it. Their strategy is pretty naked: block everything, run out the clock, elect Republicans to continue sacking and pillaging the Treasury.

As we’ve noted before, the Senate (and the Electoral College) are the most anti-democratic (little dee) institutions in the country. The Senate serves no real function, the rules that govern it are arbitrary and not defined anywhere in the Constitution. Amply be-chinned Russian asset Mitch McConnell is still running the show from a minority power position.

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  1. Stony Pillow says:

    “The Senate (and the Electoral College) are the most anti-democratic (little dee) institutions in the country”

    Except the Supremes.

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  2. And Curtsey Sinema is just fine with that, thinks it’s very important that a small minority of the country should be able to stop things like [checks notes] ensuring the right to vote

    And when people protested outside her office yesterday…they were arrested

    “they were interfering with normal business”

    Meanwhile the AZ lege is trying desperately to pass a giant “Lets make AZ Kansas on the Colorado” flat tax cut budget that suddenly just before bronging it to the floor, sprouted amendments (from the GQP, natch, because the Dems in the lege have been completely cut our of the entire budget process.) such as the one, favored by Il Deuce that requires that all members of any “Law Enforcement Civilian Oversight” group be….licensed peace officers or others with law enforcement experience.

    But the budget has been loaded up with other issues, too.
    One of those would effectively put an end to ‘civilian review boards” to oversee police activities. The proposal would not only require certain training, but spells out that members must be currently or previously have been certified by the state Peace Officer Standards and Training Board.
    ‘In order to be part of a civilian review board, you essentially have to be a police officer,” Bolding said. He complained this would cover not just the state, but would override existing local policies.
    ‘As cities and towns make policies that work for their communities, the Legislature continues to interfere,” Bolding said.
    The governor defended the provision.
    ‘We see in so many other parts of the country and hear from people that sit on city councils here in Arizona some of these wrongheaded ideas like ‘defund the police’ and ‘we need less police officers’,” Ducey said. ‘I think we need more police officers.”
    He brushed aside questions about having only current and former officers on these boards.
    ‘I want to make sure that these oversight boards that are being brought to the fore are ones that can add value, can provide accountability, are not folks that want to defund the police,” he said.

    Il Deuce, indeed. Police are now absolutely and utterly beyond any sort of control. Period.

    Because they passed the fucker, and it includes a provision that make Il Deuce call in a speciall session after the fraudit issues it’s support:

    [AZ Senator and last holdout] Townsend also got something else to become the necessary 16th Senate vote for the budget package: creation of a special legislative panel to review the results of the audit currently being conducted by the Senate of the 2020 election in Maricopa County.

    The report is not due back until at least August, long after the regular session is expected to be over. But Townsend said if this panel concludes changes are needed in state law, she expects Ducey to call a special legislative session later this year, enacting them in time to affect the 2022 election.

    So the fraudit will get a special session to officially establish the Turd Reich in Arizona.

    And Curtsey is JUST FINE WITH THIS

    Sorry for the length, but I just had to vent….

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  4. w3ski4me says:

    I have had it up to here with government by the minority. That’s not how it goes. That is not how it was ever supposed to go. McConnell is not a leader he is a minority and I wonder why no one seems to want to explain that to him. He is the Dr. No of our generation and he really needs to be put in his place. His minority place. They can argue, they cannot impede. That should be the end of that story.
    It all started with trying to placate the south and it has gone way too far. They lost then, they lost now. Grow up.

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    • They lost then, they lost now.

      “Objection, yer honor! Assumes facts not in evidence!”

      They sure as hell don’t act like they lost, only suffered a minor setback. Yah we “won” the Hosye, Senate and Presidency. Can we get anything done? Fuck no.

      That’s not actually winning.

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