Saturday Palate Cleanser

“Accidentally?! ”

That’s pretty much how cats see themselves.

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6 Responses to Saturday Palate Cleanser

  1. DarkStar says:

    Pretty much how cats see themselves all the time.

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  2. osirisopto says:

    What do you expect from an apex predator?

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  3. spotthedog says:

    The ancient Egyptians were onto something.

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  4. Ten Bears says:

    It’s the Second Coming …

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  5. FELINE MAMA says:

    What’s the conundrum here????? Sumtimes he’s Black & White. Cloudy weather here in Reno.
    I see this ALL the time! JEEZ !!!


  6. pagan in repose says:

    Kitty in the sky, with diamonds and claws.

    I like it.


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