Republicans Cancel Pence

2024 Goat Rodeo

Pence is the one on the right.

Mike Pence, the walking termite buffet, appeared before the Faith & Freedom Coalition (Ralph Reed’s —Jack Abramoff’s glabrous grifting pool boy— marks), and got promptly boo’ed and spontaneously interrupted by chants of TRAITOR from the Xristian Xrazies:

It’s always hard to tell with these rubes who is grifting whom, but the take-away seems pretty straight forward: Pence ain’t gonna be their nominee.

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14 Responses to Republicans Cancel Pence

  1. Jimmy T says:

    Unlikely they will cancel cult-ure, though that would be a good start. No. they seem comfortable with their collective heads up TFG’s ass…

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  2. Jimmy T says:

    Oh, and happy Juneteenth, the first federal holiday that’s illegal to teach about in fifteen states…

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  3. roket says:

    I’m pretty sure I would have gotten the message the first time they tried to kill me.

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  4. TheOtherHank says:

    But has it sunk into Mike Dense’s head that he has no chance?

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  5. This is more an endorsement of the fly than a disavowal of Particle-board Mike.

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  6. RWW says:

    What a shame. I understand he was there to talk about ‘cancel culture’ and ended up being an example of it.

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  7. sos says:

    Whelp, the mouth-breathers got one thing right. What are they batting now, 0.001?


  8. angry spittle says:

    Dense Pence is the emptiest of empty suits. A cipher. A Zero. A nothing. A hollow man. A fraudulent Christian. A suckass toady. A sycophant. An unprincipled turd. A man without a soul. A fucking coward of the first order.


    • pagan in repose says:

      Yeah, and while he is acting all obsequious and such he is actually stealing your wallet.

      Add to the list: crook, scumbag, liar and and insult to balsa wood everywhere.


    • RWW says:

      And he’s still not the worst thing they got! Whooo boy!


  9. Bruce388 says:

    FrontButt postponed Dense Pence’s political obscurity by picking him for VP. Pence was on his way to getting his ass kicked in the upcoming election for Indiana governor.


  10. HarpoSnarx says:

    I wouldn’t count him out yet. Just five years ago he was on the ropes when he was being chased out of Indiana for the national backlash on the Wholly Hate Bill. Then voila, he’s VPOTUS. Bad Goopers never go away hence our national dilemma.


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