GOP Self-Owns, Part Infinity

Stable Jenius

Loose with the meds and fast with the booze, the Pride of Texas Rep. Ronnie Jackson, the man who proved —against all odds!— that our former Stable Jenius could identify a giraffe, has sumpin’ to say:

Lest you think that some random drunk had a 3AM funny, Jackson got 12 of his fellow trolls to sign the letter, and they seem to demonstrate a bit of cognitive decline themselves:

Dr. Jackson, you and your colleagues might want to avail yourselves of that test. We await the results.

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6 Responses to GOP Self-Owns, Part Infinity

  1. RWW says:

    In keeping with the esteemed Doctor’s estimate that TFG could live to be 200 years old due to his “good genes,” he also just declared that Biden had already died at age 50.

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  2. Camel. CAMELCAMELCAMEL. camel.

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  3. R White says:

    Funny, without frank luntz and his obvious word smithing, every morally bankrupt republican like dr. ‘feel good’ Jackson struggle, but manage to somehow conjure up word salad phrases that they all think makes them sound smart and they never fail to repeat ad nauseum.

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