Even a Stopped Clock is Right…

The Spice Must Flow

…once a decade or so:

WASHINGTON — If you want to see how Donald Trump remains the driving force in Republican politics, just look at the activity from GOP politicians who are up for re-election or running in Republican primaries next year.

Eric Greitens, who’s running in a crowded field of candidates for Missouri’s open Senate seat, traveled to Arizona to observe that so-called audit of the 2020 presidential results there.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott says he’s trying to complete Trump’s border wall, with the help of private donations.

Josh Mandel, running for Ohio’s open Senate seat, is setting masks on fire.

Other GOP incumbents and candidates are calling for Dr. Anthony Fauci to be fired (here and here); they’re denouncing critical race theory (here, here and here); they’re hiring former Trump aides and operatives to work on their campaigns (here, here and here); and they’re going out of their way to wish the former president happy birthday on their Twitter feeds (here, here and here).

Arizona audit. Wall. Masks. Fauci. Critical Race Theory. “Happy Birthday, President Trump.”

Call it MAGA bingo.

Another way to look at all of it: When a party no longer offers a new party platform or new public-policy ideas, the way for its politicians to distinguish themselves is through symbols, gestures, performance art and — above all — loyalty to the former president.

Even seven months after that former president’s defeat and five months after Jan. 6.

So startled I’ve had to question my lack of religion, I was. Too bad he won’t say this on his teevee shows. I wonder what that it?

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6 Responses to Even a Stopped Clock is Right…

  1. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    The GOP is a cult, pure and simple.

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    • They most closely resemble scientology, both a cult and a grift.

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      • Ten Bears says:

        That was the plan: pull invent a religion out of your ass whole cloth and sell it to the rubes. It was a joke ~ “yo dude, I bet I could invent a religion”, everybody else “noooo… fergoodnesssakes.” What ever else anyone might think of it, he proved his point: you can pull invent a religion out of your ass whole cloth and sell it to the rubes.


  2. someone tell the idiot from Texas that there is land beyond the beginning and end of his stupid wall….

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  3. The MAGA politicians and operatives must first kiss Lord Dampnut’s peritoneum to get served in the throne room at Merde-a-lardo.


  4. Richard Portman says:

    Have they lost their minds? They keep going on about this Critical Race Theory.
    Pardon my language, but wtf even is that?
    The only place we talk about that is when we have to negotiate with these disturbed cultists.
    Yes they are a cult.
    They are free to reject science and medicine. They are free to keep their guns pistols and knives.
    They are free to keep those weird beliefs.
    Keep them away from me.


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