Cursed Dungeon With Potential Still On Market, Inquire Within. Free Candy!

Pee Wee Hermann Goering (image credit: Twitter)

Looks like Hair Füror’s Pocket Nazi and obvious police sketchbook subject, Stephen Miller is having some trouble unloading his dank  hole for molting and/or plotting the domination of the above-grounders, er, condo:

Cue the tiny violins. It appears Stephen Miller, noted white nationalist and architect of Trump’s child-separation policy, hasn’t been able to unload his luxury condo at CityCenterDC.

Though media first reported on the listing in April, MLS records show that Miller actually started trying to sell the two-bedroom unit all the way back in October. He listed it then for $1,199,000. The condo was then taken off the market, and re-listed in April at the same price. In mid-May, the listing was withdrawn for a second time, and it remains off the market. Miller, meanwhile, has reportedly moved to Arlington with his wife, Katie Miller, another former Trump administration official…

An email to Miller’s real estate agent, inquiring about future plans for the listing, has not been returned. We will update this post if we hear back.

Maybe if PeeWee Himmler throws in an exorcism to sweeten the deal?

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8 Responses to Cursed Dungeon With Potential Still On Market, Inquire Within. Free Candy!

  1. RWW says:

    Start by removing the Nazi memorabilia and then hire a staging expert?

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  2. R White says:

    Maybe the realtor should recommend that lil stevie stop playing looped recordings of crying immigrant children. Most adults don’t consider the wails of desperate people as ambient, soothing noise.

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  3. roket says:

    Hair Füror’s Pocket Nazi discovers too late how laundering Russian mob money works.

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  4. Demons often have this problem unloading their real-estate.

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  5. Buttermilk Sky says:

    Does that include the coffins they sleep in by day?

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  6. Big Bad bald Bastard says:

    Not enough sage in the world…

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