Some Fries With Your Stupid?

‘Oops,’ Said Faceberg

This will end well:

Facebook will let group admins ‘slow down’ toxic conversations

Facebook is trying to make it easier for group moderators to prevent toxic conversations. The social network introduced a new tool that will allow moderators to restrict comments on posts in an effort to “slow down” conversations.

With the change, group admins can limit specific members’ ability to post for a set period of time, or limit all new comments on specific posts. Facebook is also testing “conflict alerts,” which will proactively alert group admins “when there may be contentious or unhealthy conversations in their group.”

The updates are Facebook’s latest attempt to limit bad behavior in groups.

Group moderators, by the way, are unpaid members of the group itself, and I think you can see exactly where this is going:

The problem with Facebook’s attempt to be more like Nextdoor

On Wednesday, the company announced it was making a major enhancement to the powers of its groups’ community moderators. Now, administrators can do a number of new things, like automatically block certain people from commenting in conversations based on factors like how long they’ve been a member of the group. Facebook says the new tools are meant to help “admins play a key role in helping maintain a safe and healthy culture.” The changes are part of Facebook’s broader shift toward relying more on unpaid community admins, who get special privileges in exchange for managing the conversation in individual groups.

Oh, dear.

If you’ve spent even a moment on Nextdoor, you already know how well this worked.

Your Facebook Rage Uncle will demand to be the moderator —and remember Tengrain’s Rule of Wingnut Power: Give a Wingnut a nail gun, and everyone looks like Jeebus— or he will climb on the cross hisself and claim martyrdom and wail that he was CANCELLED!

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4 Responses to Some Fries With Your Stupid?

  1. When the groups were started and run in the first place by the Fox Rage Uncles, this isn’t going to change anything. They’re not about to ‘slow down’ the conversations about kill all the libtards! because they don’t think those conversations are toxic to start with…

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  2. roket says:

    Too bad there’s not an AI App for that.


  3. sos says:

    Har-de-har-har-har. Go get ‘im Rodger!


  4. RWW says:

    Moar slow-moving toxicity please!


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