Republicans Always Support the Police…

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…except when they don’t:

Five months after the January 6 insurrection, the House and Senate have come to an agreement that will award the Congressional Gold Medal to the officers who defended the Capitol.

But 21 House Republicans refused to support the legislation, the latest reminder that members of Congress still cannot agree on the facts of the deadly Capitol Hill riot.

There’s a certain perverse logic to it: if the riot didn’t happen, then the Capitol Police couldn’t have been heroes. After all, it was just Liberals/BLM/Antifa if it happened at all, which it didn’t.

And of course, the Terrible Sand Kingdom of Arizonastan has a special for us:

…which brought about a statement from Liz Cheney:

“On January 6, as the violent mob advanced on the House chamber, I was standing near @RepGosar and helped him open his gas mask. The Capitol Police led us to safety. It is disgusting and despicable to see Gosar lie about that day and smear the men and women who defended us.”

But I digest…

Who are the 21, you ask? I mean, besides Gosar? Meet the Q-/Coup Caucus:

  1. Lauren Boebert of Colorado
  2. John Rose of Tennessee
  3. Andy Harris of Maryland
  4. Thomas Massie of Kentucky
  5. Bob Good of Virginia
  6. Louie Gohmert of Texas
  7. Barry Moore of Alabama
  8. Ralph Norman of South Carolina
  9. Matt Rosendale of Montana
  10. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia
  11. Chip Roy of Texas
  12. Paul Gosar of Arizona
  13. Andy Biggs of Arizona
  14. Warren Davidson of Ohio
  15. Scott Perry of Pennsylvania
  16. Matt Gaetz of Florida
  17. Greg Steube of Florida
  18. Andrew Clyde of Georgia
  19. Jody Hice of Georgia
  20. Mary Miller of Illinois
  21. Michael Cloud of Texas

Any of ’em yours? Let them know what you think.

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5 Responses to Republicans Always Support the Police…

  1. roket says:

    Nice list. I think I’ll put it on my refrigerator as a reminder for the 2022 midterm campaign season.

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  2. Gym Jordan isn’t on the list? What, was he taking a shower?

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  3. FELINE MAMA says:

    The GQP want names, facts for the riot/murders on Jan 6. However, they “Just Say No’ to a commission that might reveal names, facts. Oh, wait !!!!!!!!!!!

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  4. S M McBean says:

    Davidson was picked by the Koch machine to take Boehner’s safe seat. His email on 1/7 said he was pissed he could only vote against two state’s electoral votes. Former Army Ranger, he’s the perfect profile of someone waiting for the coup to succeed, then help form a “provisional government”. I hate his guts but he’ll always win this district with 65-70%.


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