Politico Does It Again

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Depends upon how the media frame it

It’s getting embarrassing that Politico Playbook email thingie keeps framing the GOP talking points, as this mornings lede paragraph demonstrates:

INFRASTRUCTURE BREAKDOWN — President JOE BIDEN’S entire agenda appears to be in jeopardy amid Democratic infighting over how to proceed on infrastructure.

And the piece never mentions that there are 50 Republican Senators in lock-step to block the infrastructure bill.

But the problem is the Democrats to solve.

Got it.


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1 Response to Politico Does It Again

  1. MDavis says:

    I am reminded of Tremors, when our band of misfits is stuck on a rock and arguing about what to do. It was, however, always clear that the entire situation, including that argument, was due to the worms.
    “Graboids!… You gonna be sorry you didn’t give them a name.”


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