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Alabama lawmaker, state Rep. Chris Pringle wants to ban the teaching of Critical Race Theory in his state, so someone finally asked him to define CRT. Hilarity ensues:

The 2020 Alabama legislative session ended last month, but Pringle is already primed for the next one. He recently pre-filed a bill — almost eight months before the next session is scheduled to start — and he’s been talking it up on the radio.

So what does his bill say?

“It’s pretty simple,” Pringle said. “All it says is you can’t teach critical race theory in K-12 or higher education in the state of Alabama.”

Well, that is, uh, short but vague…

Many bills begin by laying out their legal definitions. How would his bill define critical race theory?

“It basically teaches that certain children are inherently bad people because of the color of their skin, period,” Pringle said.

That sounded very serious, indeed. Nazi-like, even. So I asked Pringle if there were any critical race theorists he could point to who have been spreading such toxic garbage?

“Yeah, uh, well — I can assure you — I’ll have to read a lot more,” he said.

You can practically feel the steam whistling out of ol’ Pringle’s ears:

“These people, when they were doing the training programs — and the government — if you didn’t buy into what they taught you a hundred percent, they sent you away to a reeducation camp,” Pringle said.

Oh, dear. We’re already at These People and Re-Education Camps; can the final solution be near?

It’s a fun read (except for the damn seriousness of the topic), and I wish more journalists would take this tack: ask Republican fear-mongers who are building straw men to define terms, give examples, name names, cite sources. Make Republicans prove their case.

It is not lost on Scissorheads that this happened on the same day that the US Senate passed a bill marking Juneteenth as a federal holiday, which teachers in Alabama would not be able to talk to students about under his bill.

A more serious piece on CRT run mad is here. It’s a case study of how conservative activists and Fox News, have made public schools ground zero for racists.

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7 Responses to News That Will Drive You To Drink

  1. MDavis says:

    Juneteenth passed? Cool.
    I look forward to the celebrations.
    The protests, though, I am not looking forward to with pleasure.

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  2. And again, I find myself apologizing for my state of AL.🤦🏻‍♀️

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  3. roket says:

    Training programs? If you didn’t buy into it 100% they sent you away [to corporate headquarters]? Shirley, he’s not talking about diversity training. Looks like they’re dusting off and redefining a 20yo conspiracy theory to me. Yawns.

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  4. Ten Bears says:

    I really should stop advocating rounding them up, at gun-point if need be, stuffing them into cattle-cars and “escorting” them, for their own protection of course, to a reservation* somewhere out in the hinterlands: Central Africa, Saudi Arabia or the Australian Outback** come to mind … someone might get the wrong idea.

    Have to send ’em to education camps before we can send them to re-education camps and we quite frankly have neither the time nor the resources for that.

    ** I suppose we ought to ask the natives …


  5. ming says:

    Off topic TG, but I’ll see your Wild Cherry and raise you P. Funk. Thanks for that.


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