And as long as we are talkin’ ’bout madness

Republicans have been urging their orcs and minions to ram protestors with cars, and Republican politicians in Oklahoma, Florida and Iowa, have sought legal immunity for drivers who hit protesters,  so we are not surprised that finally some weak-brained white dude took them up on it:

1 dead, 3 hurt after driver plows into protesters in Uptown Minneapolis

One person was killed and three injured Sunday night after the driver of an SUV drove into a crowd of protesters in the Uptown area of Minneapolis, near the site where Winston Smith was shot by sheriff’s deputies earlier this month.

A witness said the eastbound SUV was moving at a high rate of speed as it approached just before midnight, and that the driver appeared to accelerate as they got closer to demonstrators who had blocked off Lake Street near Girard Avenue.

The driver struck a vehicle parked across one of the traffic lanes on Lake Street, apparently positioned to protect the crowd. That second vehicle then hit people.

The Times-Union picks up the story:

Police say Nicholas Kraus was booked into the Hennepin County jail on suspicion of criminal vehicular homicide. Online jail records show he was arrested early Monday and was being held without bail. He’s also being held on suspicion of driving after a license was canceled and providing false information to police, records show.

…Other injuries and deaths have been reported involving vehicles at protests across the U.S. as people have increasingly taken to the streets to press their grievances. In Minneapolis, marching onto freeways has become a common tactic. Last year, a semitrailer rolled into a crowd marching on a closed Minneapolis freeway. No one was seriously injured.

Kraus has a long record of arrests for driving while impaired so this might just be more of the same. Or he could be feeling empowered by Wingnuttia. Republicans clearly are trying to intimidate people (BLM? Sure, why not?) from protesting and every time a vehicular manslaughter case like this pops up, well, it is going to have a chilling effect on the populace, and that’s what Republicans really want. This terrible accident in Minneapolis is a win-win for them, either way.

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  1. MDavis says:

    This terrible accident in Minneapolis is a win-win for them, either way.
    You misspelled “assault with a deadly weapon”.

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