RoJo Will Not Be Silenced!

Sweet, sweet relief

Sen. RoJo was peddling Hydroxychloroquine again, and that counts as medical misinformation and so YouTube has banished him for a week, and he is not taking it well:

Yes, one wonders how many lives will be lost… if RoJo cannot convince people to chug fish tank cleaner and shove black lights up their asses on YouTube for a week. Maybe he can guest blog at Hair Füror’s awesome media platform, you know the one that isn’t build yet that Jason Miller (fertile person extraordinaire and Dad of the Year) is gonna be the CEO of?

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11 Responses to RoJo Will Not Be Silenced!

  1. Scottiestoybox says:

    Hello TG. These people seem to think their political position is more than equal to education, training, study, passing tests, and working in the medical / scientific field. Do they take their car to a cashier in a grocery store or a secretary to have the engine repaired? Hugs

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  2. MDavis says:

    I first read this headline as “Polo Will Not Be Silenced!” which sounds like it would have been a fun read. This? Well…
    That is not how the free exchange of medical “ideas” works.
    Once you hit science anything 101 you understand that there is a thing called a hypothesis and, if you have been observing this particular “free exchange” in the news, you have probably read that this particular “idea”, AKA hypothesis was actually submitted to some peer review and the item in question (not the fish tank cleaner, but some kind of Malaria drug that either sounds similar or shares an ingredient, I don’t even care any more) turned out to be what they call “counter-productive”. In other words, it didn’t just, what they call, “not work”. It actually made things worse.
    Therefore, Polo, You Tube has not only every right but a social responsibility to shut that shit down since it has already been shown to be harmful.
    I don’t think I would want to be this Felon’s tweet feed right about now. It’s probably knee deep in muck.

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  3. Ten Bears says:

    Come on you guys, you know a troll when you see one …

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  4. Steve-O says:

    I say let Ron Johnson and his ilk spread this shit, because it will only be spread to their “true believers” and the less of them the better. Fuck them.
    Sorry, not sorry, but I’ve had more than enough. And it would mean less of them at the midterms.

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  5. John Rogers says:

    I wish I had a rich wife so I could be a senator.

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  6. T_Reg says:

    I don’t think the issue is that clear cut. Hydroxychloroquine has been used for rheumatic disease, but the dosage is a problem with COVID, as it’s, from what I can glean, toxic at higher doses. As for fish tank cleaner, when desperate people are denied a possibly helpful drug, they’ll try lots of things.

    So, Youtube. Youtube has decided to be Big Brother. Probably not that damaging when it comes to hydroxy, maybe even helpful, but what about Ivermectin? It works. Yet Youtube has treated discussion of it as if it’s fish tank cleaner. That’s just part of the story; doctors are afraid to prescribe it. All to protect the emergency use authorization for vaccines.

    BTW, I’ve read that Johnson was banned for discussing hydroxy AND IVERMECTIN.


    • MDavis says:

      Radiation works for cancer, too. Wanna step into my reactor? I used to have a YouTube video up, but those jerks banned me for telling the truth!


  7. Ten Bears says:

    Why is this even a part of the conversation when there are three proven vaccines on the market and more coming to bear within weeks?


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