RIP, Ned Beatty

Man, the legends are falling, and one of the best character actors of our age has taken his last bow: Ned Beatty was 83.

Most people are going to recall his performance in Deliverance or Network as his defining role; maybe even the definitional comedic Otis in the original Superman,  but for me his work in Nashville is sublime.

Absolutely a genius at his craft, he will be missed

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  1. He was great as Munch’s partner Stanley Bolander partner in “Homicide: Life on the Street” which is a hugely underrated series, imo. Gutted me when they killed his character off.

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  2. he was one of those actors, you could tell avery one on site just knew he was going to hit his mark every time. Clint Howard was on Joe Bob’s The Last Drive in on Friday, talking about Evilspeak, and said the same things about RG Armstrong.

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  3. He always made it look easy.

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  4. psanity says:

    The first thing I ever saw him in was “White Lightning” with Burt Reynolds, the best, smartest dumb car boy movie ever made. After that, any time Beatty showed up on the screen, I paid attention. Such an intelligent, versatile actor. I don’t think he was ever without work, and he leaves an amazingly broad body of work. A true craftsman.


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