We Barely Dodged A Bullet

Enemies of the People

What? Me worry?
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As we know, the Hair Füror used his awesome prznintial power to surveil his enemies with the ultimate goal of indicting them. His list included reporters from all the major papers, members of Congress, their staffs and their families.

CNN tells us that Barr’s DOJ was looking at a lot more people than originally reported:

Justice Department requested data on 73 phone numbers and 36 email addresses from Apple

(CNN)The Department of Justice sent a broad request in February 2018 to Apple as part of its investigation that collected data on members of Congress, staffers and their families. The department demanded metadata on 73 phone numbers and 36 email addresses from Apple, the company said Friday evening…

“…In 2017 Microsoft received a subpoena related to a personal email account,” the statement said. “As we’ve said before, we believe customers have a constitutional right to know when the government requests their email or documents, and we have a right to tell them. In this case, we were prevented from notifying the customer for more than two years because of a gag order. As soon as the gag order expired, we notified the customer who told us they were a congressional staffer. We then provided a briefing to the representative’s staff following that notice. We will continue to aggressively seek reform that imposes reasonable limits on government secrecy in cases like this.”


There is little doubt in my mind that if Hair Füror had won re-election that he would have rounded-up his enemies; this is the start of what would have become a police state. Trump, Barr, Sessions, the entire lot of the 4th Reich needs to go to prison, but… I cannot help but notice the government’s reluctance to do ANYTHING about it.

Protecting our democracy requires exposing those who are trying to destroy it.

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6 Responses to We Barely Dodged A Bullet

  1. Martin Pollard says:

    And being “incapable or unwilling to hold [them] accountable” will continue as long as people like Merrick Garland (who I fear more and more was a Robert Mueller-level error on Biden’s part) worry more about protecting the institution than protecting the country and its citizens.

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  2. RWW says:

    Garland is another Mueller, I’m afraid. He actually wants to protect his own reputation even more than the “institution” he’s been put in charge of. He should be doing exactly the opposite and relying on his reputation to protect him as he goes after all the bad actors with everything he’s got. TFG laughably dismissed Mueller a Democrat and said his probe was a witch hunt, so if that’s the kind of crap that scares Garland into submission, then he’s definitely in the wrong game and playing in the wrong league.

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  3. sos says:

    “Hope is my greatest weakness”
    –Bobby Cramer, Bobby Cramer

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  4. Redhand says:

    but… I cannot help but notice the government’s reluctance to do ANYTHING about it.

    It’s like the Allied Forces saw no need for denazification policies in Germany at the end of WWII. W.T. F.?

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  5. Meremark says:

    Show me on TV the trials day after day defendant after defendant action sweating blood action.
    ACT! gawd dammit. Indict. Charge. Arraign. Prosecute. Persecute. Hound. Defame. Bankrupt
    And include complicit suspects in the media.

    Rash Lamebrain is dead. Normal American can have its provincial media back.
    There oughta be 2-year term limit for any broadcast News reader/’personality.’ Celebrity stupifies and national celebrity fossilized stupid.

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  6. MinuteMan says:

    The fools/cowards seem to worry that if they prosecute wrongdoing from a previous GOP administration that a future GQP administration will come after them. Somehow they are deluded or grasping at straws to believe that a future GQP administration would allow precedent to somehow deter them from going after Dems.

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