Where Are They Now, Cont.

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The series in which we answer the question of the Stupid Coup Insurrectionists who followed Hair Füror’s instructions… where are they now?

Trump State Department appointee Federico Klein offered plea deal in Capitol riot case

WASHINGTON – Plea negotiations are underway in the case of Federico Klein, a former Trump State Department appointee who’s accused of charging a police line during the deadly Capitol assault Jan. 6.

Prosecutors offered a plea deal earlier this week, but the offer has not been accepted, Klein’s attorney, Stanley Woodward, said during a hearing Thursday. Woodward said the offer was not “reasonable,” although he did not offer more details.

The article brings us up to speed on a couple of other Stupid Coupers (is too a wurd!)

Two other people charged in the Capitol assault on Jan. 6 have reached plea agreements with the Justice Department.

Jon Schaffer, a member of the extremist group Oath Keepers, pleaded guilty to obstruction and remaining in a restricted building with a deadly weapon.

Well, there WAS a deadly weapon! Your Facebook Rage Uncle is gonna pop a vein over that. That’s an official record now, so be sure to let your GOP Representatives know that the tourists are packing heat.

Paul Hodgkins, a Florida man who was pictured carrying a Trump flag on the Senate floor, pleaded guilty to obstructing a government proceeding.

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2 Responses to Where Are They Now, Cont.

  1. roket says:

    insurrectionist Federico Klein has found his plea bargain to be ‘not reasonable. Bummer. He must be waiting for a couple of weeks, or August, or perhaps a Freidman Unit or two.

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  2. RWW says:

    Klein won’t settle for anything harsher than Class 3 Jaywalking, and because he’s a privileged RWNJ they’ll cave and give him trespassing with a stern verbal warning.


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