Matt Gaetz Gets a Two-fer


Rep. Matt Gaetz, America’s aging Prom Date —who is under investigation by the FBI for sex trafficking minors— gets to question FBI Director Christopher Wray, who is investigating him:

Gaetz has not been removed from his committees (even though GOP House Rules would indicate that he should be, you know, because he’s under investigation) and B) Gaetz’ opponent in the 2022 Pie Fight is Rebekah Jones, who is the former Florida Department of Health data scientist who Gov. DeSantis fired for NOT fixing the Trump-Virus numbers as he wanted.

So… Gaetz got a 2022 two-for in this committee hearing: he gets to make Wray look political, and he assumes some Trump-Virus footage that will be useful when going up against Jones.

And he did it before school was out for summer.

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4 Responses to Matt Gaetz Gets a Two-fer

  1. I suppoese the next time the head of the CDC is there he’ll ask her about the truth about the Ukraine investigation.

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  2. roket says:

    Dr. Yawn was it?? Asking classified questions in an unclassified setting always makes for good GQP political theater.

    “Watch me! Hear me! See me! I am un-woke.”

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  3. Frank McCormick says:

    Before the last day of school?

    It depends on whether you’re talking Florida or DC. ☺

    Florida public schools have been out for at least a week.


  4. RWW says:

    Matty’s working hard to earn a post-dated pardon from TFG. Wait for it.


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