‘And Yer Out!’

It’s the most Lord Damp Nut thing in the world: pay a lot of money for a ticket, tell a BIG LIE, and get thrown out, all of it just to pwn the libtards.

ETTD, amiright?

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13 Responses to ‘And Yer Out!’

  1. Scottiestoybox says:

    Hello TG. I do not understand the fanatical way his cult has to keep pressing their delusion. The lawn signs, defacing pickups with flags and stickers, the repeating over and over again the slogan that tRump won, things like the above you posted, when we know the reality is he lost. Shouldn’t this be declared a mental illness of some kind? Hugs

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  2. laura says:

    The old Fenway fuck around and find out. Hopefully, they’ll be banned for life at The Fours also too.

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  3. Buttermilk Sky says:

    Big deal, a sign. Here’s the retired teacher in Ohio who crapped on his neighbor’s lawn “because he’s a Democrat.”


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  4. I see those signs everywhere. & I live in a supposedly blue state.

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