Sen. Manchin: We Must Destroy Democracy to Save Democracy

“For ME?!”
Joe Manchin’s demands must be met!

Sounds like a hard “no” vote to me:

“I believe that partisan voting legislation will destroy the already weakening blinds of our democracy… The truth, I would argue, is that voting and election reform that is done in a partisan manner will all but ensure partisan divisions continue to deepen.” — Sen. Joe Manchin

Every time anyone from the Lieberman coalition of the Democrats needs to feel relevant, we all lose. And yes, Manchin is a terrible Democrat and if we were in anything like a functioning democracy, I would work to primary him. But right now that means the gavel would for right back to amply be-chinned Mitch McConnell.

If he’s saying (as I think he is) that being bipartisan is so goddamn important that he will vote with the Coup Klux Klan to destroy democracy, he should at least tell us what he is doing to convince THEM to vote with the Democrats in the name of bipartisanship.

I absolutely despise the anti-democratic (small dee) senate, and if I were King of the Forest, I would abolish it in a heartbeat.

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12 Responses to Sen. Manchin: We Must Destroy Democracy to Save Democracy

  1. RWW says:

    WTF is he even talking about? He’s ignoring the dozens of draconian voting laws that partisan Republicans are passing in state legislatures all over the country.

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  2. Ok, Coal Joe, tell me exactly what is so “partisan” about this other than Democrats want people to be able to vote and Republicans don’t. Maybe you can compromise and they’ll let Democratic voted count for 3/5ths….

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    • Ten Bears says:

      I’m still toying with the wording, but boiled down to Boolean mathematics, to ones and zeros, true or false, black or white it ~ seems to me if those of color are three-fifths (3/5ths) human then those without are two (2) …

      Don’t even think of going hexadecimal on me

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  3. Scottiestoybox says:

    Hello TG. When I heard Manchin make his arsine assertions this morning even when the interviewer reminded him of how unfaithful the Republicans had been I realized he really was padding his nest for after the Democrats lose. The one thing Manchin has been adamant on is not crossing the Republicans. I thought it was so if he did not win his seat back he could go to a Republican think tank that pays big money to politicians for doing nothing while they wait for their next run at office. Then I realized it is worse than that. Manchin seems to be setting himself up to switch parties, to move to the Republican side. He is enjoying the spotlight and too much power right now to do it, and the Republicans are loving on him blocking everything the Democrats want to do. I thought why block the very bill that would help the party you belong to keep control of both houses of the legislature … unless you don’t want them to have control of the legislature. He is keeping his options for gaining money and power open either way, if the Democrats win he stays a Democrat, but if the Republicans take power, he switches and reminds them of how great he was for them. The thing people forget is Manchin is a multimillionaire like most of our elected officials in government, and he blocked the $15 dollar an hour wage bill because he said he did not want to pay his workers that much in several businesses he owns. he did agree to go to $11 because he already paid that to some of his employees. He blocked the nomination of one of Bidens appointments because she wrote how his daughter is the CEO of a pharmacy company that took that jacked the price of the EpiPen simply for more profit and Joe did not like that. Don’t talk bad about his daughter scamming the people like me that have to have those and they have to be replaced every 6 months. Manchin is not a Democrat, he is not for the people, and he uses his position to increase his wealth and power for himself and his family. Hugs

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    • tengrain says:

      Scottie –

      Manchin will no more give up his unique “power” over the Democrats than Susan Collins will give up her unique power over the Republicans. Sure, he could switch, but then he’s be just another back-bencher on the other team.

      Manchin likes having control over everything: he can effectively veto the President’s entire agenda, and probably will.

      This is exactly the position Joe Lieberman enjoyed during the ACA fight, and he —single-handedly— destroyed the public option/medicare for all from being part of the bill.

      Everything else you say is spot-on, and we have no difference of opinion.



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  4. pagan in repose says:

    OMFG, Manchin’s got Charlie Manson eyes. I swear.

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  5. R White says:

    The thing that never gets mentioned regardless of how this morally bankrupt asshole cowardly positions himself to stymie any moderate progressive legislation is that nothing of substance ever gets done for his constituents, who under the stupor of opioid addiction and laziness, sadly believe the empty promises of an antiquated resource extraction industry like that of coal mining which will somehow make a roaring comeback when even the developing countries of the world have moved on from using such ‘dirty’ energy sources. And forget suggesting any types of community outreach focusing on education as done by democrats in years past to no avail. This so-called ‘statesman’ Manchin is a modern-day king of bullshit mountain, nothing more.

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  6. Buttermilk Sky says:

    “Weakening blinds of our democracy” — is that a typo or is he an idiot? I suppose it could be both.

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    • pagan in repose says:

      Maybe he meant: “Our democracy of weakening blinds.” Or better yet, “Our weakening of democracy, blinds.” Now that’s the ticket.

      Naw. It is Manchin after all, he meant his first babbles, for real.


  7. Timothy Snyder is having nightmares…

    All the lights are blinking red…


  8. T_Reg says:

    When I read your last sentence, I felt like standing up and cheering. The only change I can think of that would make the Senate appreciably more democratic would be to give each senator the same number of votes in the Senate as there are House members for that state. Wyoming senators, 1 vote. California senators, more than 50 votes. Lacking something like that….

    The Senate must go.


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