Coming Soon: Stupid Coup II ?

Stable Jenius Prznint Stupid
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There’s all sorts of analysis of the insane proclamation from Hair Füror that he will be reinstated as prznint sometime this year, probably August. Our pals at Electoral-Vote have identified 4 possibilities ranked from most likely to least:

  1. It’s a(nother) grift: Despite what Cooke says [Ed: Cooke’s editorial at the National Review –TG], this is the most likely explanation. Undoubtedly, with Trump somewhat out of sight and out of mind (in remission?), the fundraising take has fallen way off. Obviously, the failed blog did little to help reverse that. And his e-mails to supporters these days are carefully written so that his presidential status is present-tense, and not just past tense. So, maybe this is just the latest gimmick, and when we get to August he moves on to something else to separate followers from their dollars, or he claims it’s going to take another three months to be reinstated.
  2. The cheese is slipping off the cracker: Mary Trump’s book asserted something that everyone already suspected: Donald has psychological issues. Maybe she’s wrong, since she did not examine him in a professional context (he would never submit to that, with her or anyone else). However, let’s be honest, she’s right. There’s something wrong there. And after spending four years behaving in ways that were often odd or erratic, he’s now six months older and has suffered a great (for him) trauma: losing the election. Oh, he’s also getting closer and closer to an indictment and possible prison time. Anyhow, it could be that his grip on reality is slipping badly.
  3. It’s a put on: This is rather conspiratorial, but it’s also not impossible, and we’re a full-service political analysis site, so here goes. Again, Trump appears to be badly exposed on a number of legal fronts. And, of course, 99.999% of us are watching this from the cheap seats. Trump and his inner circle are in the .001% that has a much fuller picture, and so they may know that the reality is even worse than it looks. One way to delay (or avoid) a trial (or a prison sentence) is mental or physical unfitness. We are very doubtful that someone as vain as Trump would allow his attorneys to go into court and argue that he’s mentally impaired. But desperate times sometimes call for desperate measures.
  4. The coup is coming: This is the grimmest possibility. Everyone knows that the Arizona audit, and probably the Georgia audit, are going to come back with the finding that Trump actually won those states. Similarly Trump, and many of his enablers in the GOP, have become truly Machiavellian in their approach to gaining power: the ends justify whatever means are necessary. Maybe, once Trump gets the “news” from Arizona and Georgia, he declares that he is president again, and begins acting accordingly, issuing executive orders and the like. If so, a lot of Republican officeholders are suddenly going to have a very interesting choice to make.

All of which are reasonable possibilities, but someone who deeply knows him has another take: Hair Füror is trying to threaten (the DOJ?) violence to forestall his likely indictment(s):

Abramson’s take seems plausible to me, too and could be #1 or #2 in my ranking, and isn’t that what he already attempted with The Stupid Coup? Lie to your mouth-breathers in Possum Hollar to channel their disappointment into rage. He did it once, he could do it again.

Other hot takes:

Bloomberg: Trump’s Planned Return Isn’t Really a Joke

“…It’s quite possible that Trump doesn’t realize what he’s proposing is flat-out illegal. That is, the choice Masket is posing is no choice at all: What Trump claims will happen, an extra-legal seizure of power, would be a coup regardless of whether he’s delusional or not. And we don’t even have to explore what he really thinks; as Benjy Sarlin points out, “What’s definitely true is he ACTS on conspiracy theories as if they were real.”

We’ve been saying for a while (and we know this is true for Republicans generally) that if you do not punish them for the crimes they commit, Republicans will do it again. More explicitly, by voting down the Insurrection Commission, the Coup Klux Klan has empowered Trump to try again:

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23 Responses to Coming Soon: Stupid Coup II ?

  1. Jimmy T says:

    This seems appropriate…

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  2. spotthedog says:

    For TFG himself it may be Nos. 1, 2, or 3, but for his hellbent devotees its all about No. 4 and I believe they will act accordingly.

    A troubling wildcard IMO lurking behind all this is the Wuhan lab leak story; if that gains ANY credibility it will be “See I told you so! Proves I was right about everything all along!”.

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    • Mallard Filmore says:

      A troubling wildcard IMO lurking behind all this is the Wuhan lab leak story; if that gains ANY credibility it will be “See I told you so! Proves I was right about everything all along!”.

      It doesn’t matter if COVID was
      – a lab leak
      – a bioweapon
      – a natural jump from wild animals

      The President’s job is to protect the citizens. Trump failed spectacularly at that.

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  3. sos says:

    The immortal dialog* between Dean Wormer and Carmine DePasto:

    DW: “It’s not fair that you extort the DOJ.”
    CDP: “Use that word again and I’ll have your legs broken.”

    Artist’s rendering

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  4. Art says:

    There is no reason it has to be a singular explanation. That he is losing his mind seems likely, but he was never a feet on the ground kind of guy so while that may explain the longer arc of his behaviors over 60 years, and in doing so provide a more fulfilling and wholesome explanation, this is likely more tactical.

    Trump loves be the center of attention and he will reflexively do what it takes to get the thrill. Fundraising is part of this. He leverages his efforts to gain the spotlight by doing as much damage as possible and creating conflict. This then gives his claim to being the one who can bring order some weight. He brings disorder so by simply shutting up he can legitimately claim to being the key guy for restoring order. So the need for attention, the fundraising and the claim of special powers are all connected.

    There is also the matter of jury tampering. Being such a polarizing figure and in the news is is going to be hard to find people without a strong opinion about Trump. This then plays into the legal strategy of an ‘unfair trial’ and a reason to appeal, which then keep him in the news and people sending money.

    All of that is undoubtedly true to some extent but if I had t stick to one simple answer I suspect the main thrust is that he wants the same gentle treatment and sweetheart deals murderous tyrants with an army of thugs get. He wants a trade. He will trade a potentially ugly and violent mass action for a sweet enough deal. He will play nice and call off his rabid supporters if the indictments are ended (pardon?) and he is guaranteed a sufficiently cushy and pampered retirement and exile. Threatening a second insurrection and getting the crowd to snarl is a way for him to get more leverage in these negotiations.

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    • MDavis says:

      If he’s angling for a deal from the Republican side of the aisle, he’s working from a poisoned pond. Republicans have a multiple-issue-earned reputation for offering or agreeing to a deal, insisting they get their share first, and then reneging.
      He has a similar personal reputation, as well. Ask any of the companies who have gone bankrupt due to his refusal to pay what is due them, or the other 90% of his contractors who just took a hit to their bottom line due to lake of payment.
      If anyone is planning on making such a deal with him, they’d better keep these histories in mind.


  5. roket says:

    Here’s a video of the ‘real’ Donald Trump:

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  6. osirisopto says:

    I hope the Ds in leadership are prepared to arrest the collaborators/facilitators/traitors when they catch them in the act instead of asking them to turn themselves in at some later date.

    Just to be on the safe side I’m thinking about opening a street truck in DC. We’ll sell Ikea-style gallows.


    • R White says:

      Sadly, the only way for that to happen would be if ‘we the people’ commit to and engage in an actual general strike that shuts everything down as the worthless beltway media reports it as something patriotic and necessary instead of a vehicle to scare the shit out of the rubes of possum hollar.


  7. Bruce388 says:

    “…It’s quite possible that Trump doesn’t realize what he’s proposing is flat-out illegal.”

    The former guy would NEVER do anything that’s illegal. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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  8. (joins boisterous laughter) …. HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAAAAHAAAAAA


  9. I hope the morons try to drop a “Part Deuce” … the second-coming of their self-defecation would certainly seal the deal of their self-destruction.
    It’s getting to the point where I almost (not really) feel sorry for “normal” (-heavy on the quotation marks) Republicans.


  10. Meremark says:

    Stop believing the fictional massmedia which wants your attention and hypes the least mouseturd thing to call your eyeballs.

    No, TFG is never resurrecting. Not ever.
    What I see going on is a slow slow deflation letting the gas out of the bag. Which prevents a singular moment or date on which his stupids could schedule and organize. Audit idiocy will come and go. Arizona. Georgia. Only passing flashes of flog, here one day gone the next.

    It was less the individual man and more the matter of the times, 2015-20.
    Jupiter passing Saturn which was in the news and you even could look up and watch it; (look again in 2040 +/-).

    TFG that fkhead goon was born under a dark Moon, a lunar eclipse birthday.
    He has way bad Mars placement rising in the East at birth, in his Leo Ascendant. Which means an angry and vindictive sort taking offense at every slight or tempered fidelis. It means heart failure by overheated hate.

    Indeed, the most boost he could provide his stupids — if he cared for them a stitch — is to drop dead a martyr and leave them a martyrdom date. For annual revival.

    Anyway he is near to the day he drops. No he is not ever coming back to power. And when the indictments start dropping, especially the woman’s suing him for rape, with sworn deposition due, is when he reaches the end of his rope…twisting slowly slowly in the wind

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  11. Redhand says:

    I go with Door #2: “The cheese is slipping off the cracker.” Nothing else makes sense to me: he’s fookin’ lost it completely. “Reinstatement” is such an absurd, and illegal concept, that he’s completely forfeited any chance he may have had to “win” another election. It’s a Rubicon, and he’s no caesar.

    I also think that if the assholes supporting him opt for Door #4, they will get the absolute shit kicked out of them. I can’t see the Feds allowing another insurrection attempt to get anywhere.

    The grotesque thing is the silence of the Congressional GQP in the face of the “reinstatement” madness. Silence is as much an indictment of them as is Trump talking this shite.

    I want to see him destroyed. Bring on the indictments!

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    • tengrain says:


      I blame horse-race journalism. He thinks President Handsome Joe is Medina Spirit, and therefor TFG should be afforded the trophy. And yes I think he’s that stupid.




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