Some Fries With Your Stupid, WaPo?

Our Failed Political Press ™

Sweet, sweet relief

Welcome to the ’80s::

“I think most of today’s political fights are really about two underlying questions: Will power — cultural, economic, social and political in particular — be taken away from the kinds of people (wealthy, White, Christian, male) who have traditionally dominated most of American life? And, if so, how much and how quickly?”

Someone got paid for that timely insight.

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3 Responses to Some Fries With Your Stupid, WaPo?

  1. And we all still toss around words such as “liberal,” “progressive,” “moderate” and “conservative” — as if categories used in the era of Bob Dole and Bill Clinton still fit a time of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.).

    Uh yes, aboslutely.

    The DeSantis-style reactionaries in the Republican party weren’t as numerous but they were there and gaining. The committed AOC-style progressives in the Democratic party were there…fer fucks sake Shirley Chisholm held the district right next to AOC’s until ’83!

    Pat Buchanan ran explicitly and openly white supremacist campaigns in both the ’92 and ’96 GOP primaries and placed second both times.

    Hell DAVID DUKE ran in ’92….

    Ronald Reagan metaphorically standing on the bodies of dead Freedom Riders in Philadelphia, MS 1980 rhapsodizing about Morning in America and railing about ‘young bucks eating t-bones and welfare queens in cadillacs’ WAS AN EXPLICITLY WHITE SUPREMACIST appeal.

    Look at where Goldwater won in ’64: the rump Confederacy. He didn’t campaign openly on white grievance, but sure as hell all the whites with grievances voted for him

    Dear Dog is it too goddamned much to expect our political “pundits” to know any fucking modern political history?

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  2. roket says:

    So are they too stupid or too lazy to research modern-day US demographics? Or are they afraid they’ll get the vapors if they do? Filed under: Expect Blowback.


  3. Blue Gal says:

    It’s Perry Bacon, pez dispenser of conventional wisdom


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