News That Will Drive You To Drink

Happy Hour News

“For ME?!”
Joe Manchin’s demands must be met!

Here we go again:

Put-up or shut-up, Joe: name 10 Republicans who will come along with you. You cannot do it.z

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  1. Oneofthebobs says:

    We need more Democratic senators. Let’s make this guy irrelevant in two years.

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  2. laura says:

    The intransigence of these two Senators is a slap in the face of every voter- but particularly Black Women who put their trust in Joe Biden and turned out voters to ensure that he was elected. I am livid and simmering with rage at this needless undermining of an ambitious and righteous legislative agenda and the demoralizing voters on behalf of actual fascists bent to destroy our democracy. Then what? Underpants gnome?

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  3. He really has a short memory. Wasn’t he just expressing his shock and outrage that Republican senators wouldn’t support a bipartisan January 6th Commission? Yet somehow he thinks they’ll go for the infrastructure bill?

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  4. It’ll probably get ignored, but this is the letter I sent today to Senator Sinema:

    Senator Sinema,

    You said today, that the solution to the persistent problem of minority Republican rule in the Senate is ‘Change your behavior”.

    Bipartisanship and comity is not a suicide pact.

    When you cannot find 10 Republican willing to investigate a violent right-wing assault on the Capitol with the intent to overturn the 2020 presidential election, the behavior that needs to change is THEIRS.

    Limiting yourself to only legislation that enjoys Republican support means you are enacting a explicitly Republican agenda. You were elected to represent ALL Arizonans, not just Republican Arizonans.

    When you were in the Arizona Legislature the Republican leadership LITERALLY locked Democratic members of the Legislature out of the budget negotiations.

    WHOSE behavior has to change?

    The Republican Senate blocked President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee because it was “too close to the election; the people should choose…” then rushed through a Supreme Court nominee to replace Ruth Bader Ginsberg mere days before the election.

    WHOSE behavior has to change?

    All across the country Republicans are busily making it harder to vote, ensuring that Democratic votes count for less, and even passing laws allowing them to simply overturn an election at their whim.

    WHOSE behavior has to change?

    147 Republican Congress members voted against the 2020 Election certification in the face of clear evidence of a large majority voting for President Biden, and ZERO evidence of the kind of fraud that the Republicans were claiming happened.

    WHOSE behavior has to change?

    Minority Leader McConnell has vowed to block ANY legislation put forward by the President and begged as a personal favor that no Republican vote to investigate the seditious assault on our Capitol with the intent to OVERTHROW an American presidential Election with no other justification than it was not the outcome they wanted.

    WHOSE behavior has to change?

    If, as we’re constantly reminded “Elections Matter” do you continually surrender to the minority WHO LOST.

    Wo do you represent? The people who voted for you, or thw people who voted against you? Because you seem to be always voting for the latter

    If you’re counting on Republicans to change their behavior when they’re getting everything they want…

    WHOSE behavior has to change?

    The Filibuster has never been used to advance the greater good for the American people, but to restrict who is allowed to be part of “the American People”.

    You have a choice: Stand up for our country…or stand for the filibuster.

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  5. Ten Bears says:

    For the record, it’s never a good idea to feed racoons. They’re super-cool animals, cleaner than humans, more likely to encounter a rabid cat, or skunk, than a racoon but … like bears they get a taste for human food and they’ll figure out how to open a locked garbage can. Not to mention the mess they’ll make of your fish-pond slash “water feature”.

    Metaphorically though, I’ve been tempted to steal it because there’s no better suited graphic for these the interesting times we live in: don’t feed the ‘coons.

    /snark aside, it’s never a good idea to feed the critters: deer, racoons, whatever …
    … it attracts other, larger predators. I don’t mind a coyote (pronounced kay.yote or a bobcat in the backyard, but others tend to get their panties in a twist over it. Not to mention it just ain’t natural/


    • MDavis says:

      Our landlord has a bigger issue with jackrabbits than the coyotes. In fact, he asked us to leave the coyotes alone so they’ll keep the rabbit population in check. (just keep your pets in, coyotes don’t care if it’s your buddy)
      When we had a cat who was catching the rabbits and bringing them home to his girlfriend he offered to give us a bounty for them, in fact.


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