Sinema: Change Your Behavior, Not The Filibuster

I’m glad this tool wasn’t around during the Civil Rights era.

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6 Responses to Sinema: Change Your Behavior, Not The Filibuster

  1. Ten Bears says:

    Been in the sun too long, few drops short of a bucket …

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  2. R White says:

    Sinema’s bullshit philosophy is more of the same centrist dim thinking: concede your position fully to whatever morally bankrupt republicans demand and then they all vote NO after their concessions have been made, claim your futile effort in ’bipartisanship’ without having to pass any worthwhile legislation that would upset wall st. futures.

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    • tengrain says:

      I totally HATE that go-along to get-along thinking. It leads people to being accessories to a crime, too. She thinks she can horse trade with these conmen? She’s dumber than she looks.



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  3. roket says:

    Interesting philosophy. If it’s not broke don’t fix it. If it’s broke don’t fix it. Work around it and pretend it’s not broken. I’m pretty sure even Ayn Rand would call bullshit on this one.

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  4. angryspoittle says:

    There is no gawddamned rule on the filibuster…….it is nowhere in the constitution.


  5. lofgren says:

    I think Sinema is trying to stake out a lawful good position, in contrast to the neutral good establishment Democrats and the chaotic neutral Left wing. She is hoping that regardless of her specific decisions, “Yes let’s help people but there must be Rules” will play well enough as a personal brand to the voters in her state. I think it’s a pretty good bet, actually. Translated into Right wing radio speak, “Let’s help but there must be Rules” becomes “Of course hardworking Americans deserve a little help from their government now and then, but we’ll make sure none of THOSE people benefit.” That’s the kind of liberal agenda that conservatives will actually get behind.


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