Junior Mints Attempts to Make Honest Living, Honestly


I’ll say.

The Sun alerts us:


Donald Trump Jr flogging $599 videos on celebrity website Cameo to get MAGA messages across after Don’s Twitter ban

Here’s a sample message that someone paid $600 Ameros for Junior to record:

He has recorded a brief introduction video in which he says: “Guys, Donald Trump junior here, really excited about being on Cameo, look forward to communicating with you guys.

“Also really look forward to helping my friend, Benghazi survivor Mark Geist raise some money for his incredible charity The Shadow Warriors project.

“Getting K-9s in the hands of vets that need them. Looking forward to doing all that and speaking to you guys real soon. It’s good to be here.”

I really don’t understand who this site is supposed to appeal to. You pay a celebrity , er, wastrel son of a would-be dictator  to make a plea for your case, and put it on a website where other paid shills make insincere pleas for their cases? That’s a URL I would instantly put on my block list.

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5 Responses to Junior Mints Attempts to Make Honest Living, Honestly

  1. MDavis says:

    I smell militias, 3%-ers, and Oath Keepers paying for implied access.

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  2. roket says:

    He has a structured settlement but he needs cash NOW. ♪♪

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