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I suppose this is progress of a sort?

Vatican law criminalizes abuse of adults by priests, laity

VATICAN CITY (AP) — Pope Francis has changed church law to explicitly criminalize the sexual abuse of adults by priests who abuse their authority, and to say that laypeople who hold church office can be sanctioned for similar sex crimes.


The Vatican also criminalized the “grooming” of minors or vulnerable adults by priests to compel them to engage in pornography. It’s the first time church law has officially recognized as criminal the method used by sexual predators to build relationships with their victims to then sexually exploit them. (Emphasis was mine.)

And that’s the big step. But does it go far enough?

The story continues:

Ever since the 1983 Code was first issued, lawyers and bishops have complained it was completely inadequate to deal with the sexual abuse of minors, since it required time-consuming trials. Victims and their advocates, meanwhile, argued it left too much discretion in the hands of bishops who had an interest in covering up for their priests…

According the new law, priests who engage in sexual acts with anyone — not just a minor or someone who lacks the use of reason — can be defrocked if they used “force, threats or abuse of his authority” to engage in sexual acts.

Monsignor Juan Ignacio Arrieta, secretary of the Vatican’s legal office, said that could cover any rank-and-file member of the church who is sexually abused by a priest if it can be shown that the priest used force or abused his authority.

This is a loophole factory: how does a priest NOT have authority over his parishioners? It’s not like Batman putting on his cape or taking it off, the priest is an authority where’er he goes.

Religious authorities in all the different faiths in America have been in the news over the years for taking advantage of their followers, and usually young people. This is not a Catholic phenomenon.

As regular readers know, I am not a person of faith.  I understand the role that Faith plays in people’s lives and I sometimes find myself wishing I had some, but I don’t even have the faith that the next tissue will popup, and it often doesn’t.


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6 Responses to Today in Religion

  1. roket says:

    I’ve also met a few Priests who smelled of elderberry wine bourbon.

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    • Scottiestoybox says:

      Hello Roket. My husband dated a couple young Priests in New England before we met. I guess it was quite common to see them around the local gay hot spots of the time. Hugs


  2. Meremark says:

    There’s too much on my mind. We are finding since circa 2017 that beams from Sun can change our lives in a literal solar minute.
    I’m sorry. I don’t have mental room vacancy for the religion.
    What’s this Catholic? Who is a gawdforsaken Catholic these days? Isn’t that all over? I know, it was a long run but shitsover. Now it is internet and omg The Info. For that matter whose Jewish? Its over too. All of ’em. Over. Cut with the silly dances, silly words, crazy costumes, holy holidays and the whole bit. None of that is happening no how no way no more. Not that there ever was much, really, everywhere.

    Certainly not like the internet is reality everywhere.

    I mean, have faith in your own moral sense of difference between good and evil, right or wrong, and do the good side because you like yourself and you like life more doing the good than not doing it. But. Sheesh give it up this GOD building by committee business. When you got something wrong with you: Fix it.

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  3. Scottiestoybox says:

    Hello TG. The very fine line that the Pope is walking is because so very many of the most high up church leaders are / have been involved in either covering up or actually engaged in sexual acts with … These people are for the most part older and powerful and have come from a time when sexual abuse of minors was not given the priority and weight they so rightly deserve. So he has to stop any future abuse and attacks while not throwing his top people under the bus. If he pushes too hard he will not be Pope, one way of the other. We already see senior people around the world simply disobeying him or countering his orders. There is a power struggle for the “soul” of the church going on behind the walls, both in and out of the confessional. Hugs

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  4. Ten Bears says:

    Baby-eating Satan-worshippers …


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