Them’s Rhetorical Fightin’ Words!

MPS: Fighting agains the Squirrel of the Day!

Two of the items in Infidel’s Sunday linkage (the one on Toxic Wokeness and the one on hurt feelings) are really good companion pieces.

This was the operative line in the second piece that really stood out to me; it has the ring of truth to it:

The Right is about hurting as many feelings as possible and taking pleasure from it.

I’ve dismissed wokeness because it is used like a cudgel from the Right and reminds me of political correctness. I didn’t think being woke was a thing in the same way that I never thought of being p.c. as a thing except as a rhetorical weapon to dismiss debate on important issues.

The rest of the that piece sort of drifted off into both sides territory for me, but your mileage may vary.

The second piece, from Why Evolution is True, makes a strong point on the third leg of the Right’s dismissive, cancel culture…

“…is essentially a boycott. It’s refusing to participate or support those that promote racist, homophobic, sexist, transphobic, or otherwise ignorant behavior. Protest is at the heart of this country and it shouldn’t be limited in the name of making already powerful people feel safer to spew ideas that are not tolerable in today’s society. Because exposure by millions is so easy now with social media, celebrities, rich, powerful, connected, and beautiful, can no longer get away with disrespecting human dignity. They are not being held to a higher standard for being a public figure, they are being held to the bare minimum.

We’ve said for a long time that there is no Cancel Culture, there is only consequences. You can say any damn fool thing that you want, but you have to endure what happens next. And usually what happens next (for Republicans, anyway) is climbing on the cross and proclaiming victimhood.

These three terms (wokeness, cancel culture, political correctness) are used by the Right to dismiss the whatever the real topic is. “Let’s not talk about teaching the 1619 Project, it’s just wokeness/political correctness run amok.”  They roll their eyes as they say it, too.

When the Right are confronted with any of their bigotry/shenannigans by an organized boycott —sometimes organized by major corporations, and think about that (like MLB moving games away from Atlanta to Denver, for instance, because of their anti-democratic voting suppression)— instead of being introspective they immediately say they have been cancelled, which ingeniously changes the topic.

Our Failed Political Press ™ has taken up the Right’s talking points; instead of getting to the bottom of, say, why the Right doesn’t want the 1619 Project as part of the curricula, instead the Pundits have turned on a dime to talk about being woke on campus. Or instead of talking about why the Right doesn’t want a January 6 Insurrection Commission, they say that the Left failed to get the votes they needed:

That our culture at large is even talking about wokeness shows me that the Right has won the culture war battle, with an assist from the media, of course.

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3 Responses to Them’s Rhetorical Fightin’ Words!

  1. sos says:

    the third leg of the Right’s dismissive, cancel culture

    Is just them being dicks, right?

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    • It’s always been just them being dicks. They’ve just fallen down to the level of 4-chan shitposter “twitter troll” dickishness. Idiocracy In Action.

      Remember Newt throwing a termper tantrum and shutting down the government because he had to fly in the back of Air Force 1?

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  2. Ten Bears says:

    Right there at the top of the page … been there for years:

    Boycott Republican Businesses. It’s easy, they’re the ones that are rude.

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