Nation in Shock: GOP Negotiates in Bad Faith, Again

Infrastructure Week

Infrastructure talks continue

The W$J says:

“Senate Republicans presented a $928 billion infrastructure plan to the White House, closing the gap with the White House’s latest $1.7 trillion offer as the two sides attempt to break an impasse over the scope of an infrastructure package and how to pay for it.”

So it’s more negotiating in bad faith: it’s less than halfway to what the counter-proposal proposal was (also: ⅔ less than the original proposal) AND the Republicans are suggesting paying for it… wait for it… by taking money away from the recently passed Trump-Virus relief bill, which passed without any GOP votes.

This isn’t a serious offer.

Time to go it alone, Folks.

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6 Responses to Nation in Shock: GOP Negotiates in Bad Faith, Again

  1. Mark says:

    But it is only about $257 billion in new spending, still with no way to pay for it.


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