Area Man Loses Appeal

Circle beard model Jason Miller

Unusually fertile, hot hunka-hunka burning love and TFG media flack, Jason Miller, has lost his $100M Amero defamation case and must pay court costs to the winner of the suit, G/O Media:

A U.S. District Court judge in Florida has ordered Jason Miller, a spokesperson for former President Trump, to pay G/O Media $42,000 in legal expenses. The ruling comes after a federal appeals court rejected his second $100 million defamation suit against G/O, the parent company of Gizmodo, Jezebel, and other websites.

A federal judge tossed Miller’s original lawsuit in 2019, finding that the now-defunct website Splinter had accurately reported a 2018 viral story headlined, “Court Docs Allege Ex-Trump Staffer Drugged Woman He Got Pregnant With ‘Abortion Pill,’” which the Trump spokesperson claimed had cost him his contract as a paid political commenter for CNN. Miller had argued in his second attempt that those court documents were out of bounds, but last month a panel of judges on the 11th Circuit ruled that they were protected under New York fair reporting privilege and upheld the 2019 decision.

It seems that besides Miller’s unusual fertility (more below), Miller offered his dates some nice Russian Tea, er, smoothies with abortifacients in them:

The ongoing custody battle between former Trump campaign operatives Jason Miller and A.J. Delgado has taken another nasty turn: In an explosive new court filing, Delgado’s legal team alleges that Miller—prior to their own high-profile extramarital romance—carried out an affair with a woman he met at an Orlando strip club. Additionally, the court documents claim, when the woman found out she was pregnant, Miller surreptitiously dosed her with an abortion pill without her knowledge, leading, the woman claims, to the pregnancy’s termination and nearly her death.

So Miller cheated on his wife (and kids), and subsequently cheated on his mistress (and kid), and then drugged his emergency back-up mistress to lose the upcoming kid. It’s a wonder that his Kleenex box doesn’t give birth to a Kleenex Pocket Pack.

Father of the Year contender status was confirmed when Miller pretended to resign from political strategy firm Teneo to hide his income of nearly $500,000 and dodge child support payments.

So you can see why Lord Damp Nut keeps him on payroll; I’m surprised that Noot has not shown up with praise. This slime ball has potential!

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11 Responses to Area Man Loses Appeal

  1. he should always and forever known as Jason ‘Full Dirty Sanchez’ Miller.

    How dumb do you have to be to sue a media outlet for reporting a true story about you?

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    • beckymaenot says:

      As I may have said before…pretty fecking dumb. I mean- and the absolute hypocrisy of the people that support this asshole and his lord and savior TFG. This guy is one of the worst examples of humanity failing badly.

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    • pagan in repose says:

      May I suggest a little larger scale: he should always and forever known as Jason “the aristocats” Miller.


  2. Sirius Lunacy says:

    So, does this mean that every man woman and child in Texas can sue him now for aiding and abetting an abortion?

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    • MDavis says:

      I thought that sort of thing is supposed to take effect for actions after a law is passed, but it’s hard to tell. It is Texas.


  3. sos says:

    What are the odds?
    Head curvature matches
    hairline curvature, which matches
    mustache curvature, which in turn matches
    goatee curvature.

    All-in-all this (any) Jason Miller pic is very triggering

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  4. Prairie Bob says:

    Are you sure that’s his face?

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  5. roket says:

    Thoughts and prayers to all of the judges who had to review this case. They earned their pay on this one.

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  6. purplehead says:

    Men who have facial hair like this mook, love to talk and talk and talk a line of bullshit. That “beard”(?) emphasizes his mouf and the crap that emanates.

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  7. Bruce388 says:

    It’s just not fair that handsome fellas get all the lovin’.


  8. Sirius Lunacy says:

    Also, I don’t think this guy ever had any appeal to lose.


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