Hunting Season in Possum Hollar?

Republican voter

Following the Stupid Coup, wherein Possum Hollar declared open season on elected officials and have lists of targets they wanted to hunt on January 6, and now some politicians are worried about, you know, going back to their districts and face their constituents who may be locked and loaded:

Several Democrats have privately expressed concerns to leadership over their safety, while others have publicly spoken about the difficulty of balancing the need for public in-person events with the need for security, the Post reported.

“Obviously we’re going to return to more outward-facing live, in-person things and I’m thrilled about that. I want to do that,” Rep. Susan Wild told the Post. “I think we’re going to have to be very cautious. I think there’s going to have to be some ramped-up security. Hopefully it’s going to be low key, I don’t want people to feel like they’re walking into an armed event, but I imagine doing a lot of events in parks, in the daytime, staffers and local police are around.”

It is not totally new, of course. We have seen the bizarre stalking of AOC by Citizen Madge before she became Rep. Greene (and continued stalking AOC).

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11 Responses to Hunting Season in Possum Hollar?

  1. The last time the R’s stirred up their mob, two Dem offices here were shot at and my Rep was shot in the head, and three others were killed.

    Now the shooter was an insane person with access to a gun, and the politics of the day were only incidental to his craziness, but he was marinating in a soup of Republicans howling about treason and ‘Targeting’ these Dems

    So yeah we’re gonna see shit.

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    • Ten Bears says:

      Before my position was if we had just locked the Bundy Boys up when they broke into that tourist kiosk out by Crane that was closed for the winter, and called it an armed insurrection. Pussy-footed it, molly-coddled the bitches … my position was if we had just locked Sarah Palin up when she posted those targets … we wouldn’t be here today.

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    • beckymaenot says:

      I’ve been beating this drum for a while. They aren’t going to be happy until they can legally start shooting the libs.

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      • artahzen says:

        In parts of the country, they can legally run over us.

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      • Watch the recent “Last Week Tonight with JOhn Oliver” where he takes on “Stand your ground” laws…in about 28 states it IS legal to shoot us, they just have to swear they’re “askeered of us”.

        He mentions that the murderers of Ahmaud Arbery are planning a “Stand your Ground” defense.

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    • R White says:

      Funny, but tragically sad how caribou Barbie instigated that wave of derp with her “printer registration marks” aka crosshairs on her freedumb luvin’ map of ‘murica and never once paid a price for it.


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