Everything is Swell in the Arizona Vote Audit

The terrible sand people of the terrible sand kingdom of Arizonastan.

Thanks to Floriduh’s Cyber Ninja Fruadit, it looks like Maricopa County in the Terrible Sand Kingdom of Arizonastan will need to buy new voting machines:

Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs said Thursday that the voting machines Republicans turned over to private companies as part of their audit of the 2020 election are no longer safe for use in future elections…

“I have grave concerns regarding the security and integrity of these machines, given that the chain of custody, a critical security tenet, has been compromised and election officials do not know what was done to the machines while under Cyber Ninjas’ control,” Hobbs wrote in the letter to the county’s mostly Republican Board of Supervisors, which oversees the county elections.

In Arizona, the secretary of state can decertify machinery in consultation with the state’s Election Equipment Certification Committee, a three-person panel appointed by Hobbs.

OK, so the SOS can decertify voting machines, but who enforces not using them?

Fields Moseley, communications director for the county supervisors, said the board had received the letter and was consulting with attorneys about its next steps.

Oh, really?

“We won’t use any of the returned equipment unless the county, state and vendor are confident there’s no malicious hardware or software installed on those devices,” [Megan Gilbertson, communications director for the county’s Elections Department] said.

And if they do replace them, well, what will it cost?

Replacing the machines, as Hobbs wants, would cost millions, and taxpayers could foot the bill. The county’s most recent expense for election equipment was a $6.1 million contract in 2019 with Dominion. Gilbertson said not all of that equipment was used last year, however.

And who is going to pay for it (the tax payers, d’uh)

“The Senate shall indemnify the County against any and all expenses it incurs as a result of the Subpoenaed Materials being damaged, altered, or otherwise compromised while in the Senate’s custody and control, including without limitation expenses associated with procuring new equipment, certifying any such new equipment for use for elections in Arizona, and re-certifying its current equipment re-certified for use for elections in Arizona,” their agreement states.

OK, so the Fraudit has advanced the art and science of bamboo identifying technology, and has given some Floriduh grifters employment, and now as trickle-down some voting machine company is going to get a contract to replace equipment, so this fiasco is turning out really well.

ETTD (Everything Trump Touches Dies) remains in effect.

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3 Responses to Everything is Swell in the Arizona Vote Audit

  1. The GQP in the state Senate will probably try to sell one of the state universities to pay for it, since they want to Kansasize the state cut taxes massively.

    We barely managed to block a bill that would make it a crime to refuse to serve customers who aren’t vaccinated, by getting one GQP member on the side of sanity.

    No information if there was a ‘refusing to bake cakes for gay customers’ exemption in the bill though, but balls-out fuck your feelings hypocrisy is pretty much a baseline requirement for being a Republican in this state so I doubt it…


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  2. roket says:

    Odds are that at least 25% of AZ republicans believe this is money well spent. Unintended consequences be damned.


  3. CalicoJack says:

    He’s the man with the feculent touch
    A plumber’s touch
    Such a smelly finger
    Beckons you to enter his toilet of sin
    But don’t go in


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