Texas, America’s Lab for Bad Policy

Governor Abbott is playing doctor again:

Not only does the new law ban abortion at six weeks—when women likely don’t even know they’re pregnant—it provides no exceptions in the case of rape or incest. Also, it allows anyone to sue any abortion provider.  You know the fetus-fondlers lawyers are already moist in their briefs for this litigation bonanza. The Guardian:

In fact, any individual can sue anyone who “aids or abets” abortion care or someone who “intends” to help an abortion patient, a breathtakingly wide range of possible people and groups. While those who sue can collect a minimum of $10,000 if they are successful, those unjustly sued cannot recover legal fees. The anti-abortion law’s private enforcement provision is the first of its kind in the country.

“This law is so broadly written it could target not just abortion clinics and staff but anyone that volunteers or donates to an abortion fund or activist organization like ours,” says Aimee Arrambide, executive director of reproductive rights advocacy group, Avow Texas. “Domestic violence and rape crisis counselors who offer guidance, family members who lend money to abortion patients, a friend who gives a ride to an appointment, or even someone that provides an address to a clinic could also face lawsuits.”

As cognitive scientist George Lakoff wrote in “Moral Politics” People do not vote their interests, they vote their identities. Come-on, Texas, you can do better.

I feel sorry for Texans, but they elected this jerk Abbott and all other jerks that enable him. Take charge of your destiny Texans.

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20 Responses to Texas, America’s Lab for Bad Policy

  1. Martin Pollard says:

    I’m all in favor of a southern border wall… around Texas.

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  2. Next step: Fetus-fondlers demand all police records for reported rapes, just to make sure those hussies don’t even think about getting an abortion.

    And again, I sincerely hope HHS is on the lookout for HIPAA violations arising from the fetus hunts.

    Any Scissorhead in Texas (I’m sorry!) should have this URL handy in their bookmarks:


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  3. Jimmy T says:

    I may have said this before, but the reason Texass doesn’t slide into the Gulf (aside from Bugs the Bunny) is that Okrahoma sucks (not speculating on their relationship in any way)…

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  4. roket says:

    Careful TX. Your womenfolk are about to become WOKE.

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    • Sadly, no, not all. between “Jebus loves the little fetuses!” (the babies, ehhh, apparently not so much in Texas ) and “I’m rich, white and Republican, so this won’t affect me, since I can just fly to California” I’m not sure there are the votes, especially after the “Y’all can’t vote any more” law he just signed…

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  5. R White says:

    Can’t think of another person more deserving than abbott who deserves being thrown down a narrow and winding set of stairs. It’s a shame there aren’t more hills in austin…

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  6. laura says:

    To be on the safe side, ladies should be sure and mail their menstrual sanitary pads and such like to Abott, just on the roof chance a babby has formed.

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  7. w3ski4me says:

    What is it about a woman’s reproductive parts that fascinate Rethug men so much? I’m sure Freud would have a field day with the modern rethugs.
    The sanctity of life sure evaporates fast when it comes to money for feeding, medical care, and educating all those souls. Really need to rename them pro-birth and then let them try to prove the rest of us wrong.
    We are no longer the “Puritans” that we once were and we need to knock that stuff off. No one has any business in anyone’s sexuality or reproduction.

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  8. xpldagain says:

    Abortion is often spontaneous, caused by various factors including inadequate nutrition, contagious illness, violence, poor and inequitable health care, untreated mental illness, and hunger. Given its approach to governance, its generalized racism and classism, and its toxic ideological commitment to performative cruelty, the government of Texas is certainly responsible for some number of abortions or miscarriages per year. Therefore I plan to sue the government of Texas under the new law as soon as I can get the hazmat suit I’d want to wear before I crossed the border and entered a courthouse. We might expect that the legislators responsible for this rare bit of legislation had the foresight to craft a definition of ‘abortion provider’ that is specific and precise…who am I kidding, they were probably rubbing their hands in glee so much that they forgot that part. It’s likely that the text is the usual rambling pastiche of clumsy assholery and vicious bullying that Texas is famous for. Let me be the first to put down a hundred bucks for a test filing.

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    • MDavis says:

      Multiple lawsuits are called for. Attempts to get them thrown out paid for by the various legislators who are thus charged. Particular emphasis on “too bad the lawsuit is frivolous, you’re still paying.”


  9. sleeve98 says:

    Texas came out in record numbers too, and it made not one dent in the gerrymandered wall. If you can’t change the election laws unless you change the electeds, and you can’t change the electeds…

    You tell me how to overcome that.

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  10. sleeve98 says:

    …without cheating.

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