Infrastructure Week Continues!

The GQP has no intention of negotiating the infrastructure bill in good faith (they don’t want any successes for President Handsome Joe Biden and the Dims before the midterm elections): they want to run-out the clock, and it seems that even the radical milquetoast caucus of the Dims are finally realizing it:

Asked if the Biden administration should keep talking to Republicans about a bipartisan infrastructure deal, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) replied: “Absolutely not. Because we might lose our coalition for human infrastructure.” Instead she’s “100 percent” in favor of pushing through a multitrillion-dollar package using the blunt partisan mechanism of budget reconciliation.

“I do not think that the White House should relegate recovery to the judgment of Mitch McConnell, because he will not function in good faith,” said Gillibrand, who made her case recently to Bruce Reed, Biden’s deputy chief of staff. “So, I just think it’s a terrible political misstep.”

And predictably, the Coup Klux Klan is fighting back with a bold statement from their lead negotiator, Sen. Shelley Moore Capito (R-WV; you know, Joe Manchin’s colleague):

“I’m a little bit too much of an optimist at times, but I’m putting [the chances of a deal] over 50-50,” Capito said in a television interview with Bloomberg’s David Westin.

Wow! Flip a coin, yo!

Rep. Mark Pocan called the GOP’s latest counteroffer “ridiculous” and said the Republicans might as well have proposed paying for it with a “bake sale.” No offense, but I wouldn’t buy a slice of the chocolate cake from a Republican if I were you.

Looking high and lo for the bipartisan unicorn isn’t cutting it, and besides if you want bipartisanship, then look at the YUGE support that this bill has with the people that matter, the voters.


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5 Responses to Infrastructure Week Continues!

  1. …the people that matter, the voters.

    Ha ha ha ha ha! You SUCH a kidder, TG!! “people that matter” . ROFL!

    The only people that matter to the GQP are their oligarch masters and TFG, who they fear so long as he can raise the Possum Hollar Zombie armiies against them.

    If Congress ever acted in accordance with the wishes of the stinky pipples we’d have a vastly better country.

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  2. Minstrel Michael says:

    Uh, wait a minute here… budget reconciliation is a “blunt partisan mechanism”? Stated as such in the not-taking-a-side Politico? That should get some pushback all by itself.

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    • tengrain says:

      I am reminded that most of the successes of the 4th Reich Senate was without bipartisan support. 2017 Tax Cuts – the old Billions for Billionaires Act, anyone?



      PS – Politico is the worst.

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  3. CalicoJack says:

    Given gerrymandering and structural advantages, do the voters really still matter? I thought that was the beauty part of the minority rule approach, the voters don’t matter any more.


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