He Seems Nice (2022 Pie Fight)

Would-be Senator McCloskey (R – Possum Hollar)

Mark McCloskey, the Possum Hollar, MO asshole attorney [redundant, I know] who waved an assault rifle (which I’ve read was evidence is a case he was litigating, and he now might be in trouble for evidence tampering!) at Black Lives Matter protesters last year, has launched a bid for Missouri’s open Senate seat.

“America is at a crossroads. Do we want to preserve our traditions and our way of life [Ed. Note: why are all the dogs barking?], or do we want the cancel culture mobs to destroy everything we’ve built? After traveling across the great state of Missouri over the past 11 months, it’s clear Missourians want a fighter in the US Senate,” he said.”

And by fighter, he means a pudgy white dude a-feared of the peacefully protesting BLM marchers who walked past his house.

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2 Responses to He Seems Nice (2022 Pie Fight)

  1. beckymaenot says:

    Oh for fucks sake.


  2. MDavis says:

    There’s another horse in that race. Former governor Greitens is running – he of the bound-and-naked-blackmail photos.
    Apparently, the cost of living is fairly low in MO. I wonder why.


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