BREAKING: The Stupid Coup Commission Killed By #MoscowMitch

Amply be-chinned #MoscowMitch McConnell

‘Slanted and unbalanced’: McConnell opposes Jan. 6 commission to prove Jan. 6 insurrection

WASHINGTON – Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell says he opposes Democratic efforts to establish a 9/11-style commission to investigate the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol, calling it “slanted and unbalanced.”

McConnell’s opposition could be enough to torpedo the commission, seen by Democrats as necessary to examine the insurrection by a pro-Trump mob on Jan. 6 that left five that left five dead and 140 police officers injured.

OK, Manchin and Sinema, time to kill the filibuster. Republicans NEVER negotiate anything in good faith. There is no bipartisanship in obstruction.

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10 Responses to BREAKING: The Stupid Coup Commission Killed By #MoscowMitch

  1. Martin Pollard says:

    Oh, but they just can’t kill the filibuster, because bipartisan something something gazpacho.

    I want history to record that if this democracy falls, those two traitors will have been directly responsible for it.

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    • I was listening to Sinema being discussed on (iirc) Tara Ried’s show on MSNBC and the person she was talking to brought up a point: This is the first time in her entire political career that she’s been part of a majority. It’s not an excuse, but it is an insight.

      Sigh, another letter to write. That woman’s gonna cost me a fortune in stamps…

      Manchin, he’s just an asshole Blue Dog.

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      • Ivory Bill Woodpecker says:

        Manchin, Sinema, and many other nominal Democrats would probably be Republicans if the GOP had not been captured by its Bat Guano Crazy Wing, with lots of help from wealthy sociopaths, plus, perhaps more importantly, the Russian government.

        Since third parties can’t get much done in this country, sane people who are naturally Republican have no real alternative to becoming nominal Democrats, or at least voting for the Dems.

        The Moderate Republicans from the days of my youth have gone the way of the mastodon.

        The Republicans who pass for “moderate” today are solid Reagan-Bush Republicans; they simply are not crazy, the way the Cheeto Mussolini Qultists are. I fear it is too late for the RBRs to take back their party from the Qultists.


      • Kyrsten Sinema started out as a Green party member, and amassed a pretty progressive record in the State lege.

        She beat Martha McSally for Jeff Flake’s old seat. (and Il’Deuce promptly out that chickenshit asshole into the Senate when Walnuts McCain died. ) She did this with the enthusiastic and hard-working support of progressive Dems in this state.

        I have no idea what happened to make her an asshole Republican-lite.


      • revzafod says:

        Shirley you meant Joy Reid instead of Tara Reid, aka Bunny Lebowski who kidnapped herself to raise the money to pay off Jackie Treehorn, according to my alter ego Walter Sobchak? As he assured The Dude?


  2. spotthedog says:

    If I didn’t know any better I might think Moscow Mitch was a whore for power. If TFG ends up in jail maybe Mitch can get conjugal visits.

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  3. osirisopto says:

    Someone should offer to add Benghazi to the investigation.


    • MDavis says:

      Mitch calling the proposed commission “slanted and unbalanced” is just another example of confession and projection. Also, it’s ridiculous. After all those extra measures the Dem’s allowed to give the Rs the edge it just wasn’t slanted and unbalanced enough in the direction that Mitch wanted?
      Probably just more bs fodder for the media to report.


  4. spotthedog says:

    So will FOX press Moscow Mitch on why he so readily passed up this opportunity to once and for all expose Antifa as the REAL evildoers on Jan. 6?


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