The Big Issues Facing Oklahoma Today

You cannot make up merde like this:

Big Chicken has a powerful lobby, I guess.


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  1. Huh. Sauce shortage, hoodathunkit. Shoulda taken that picture in the grocery store Saturday with the many bottles of Chik-fil-Ass sauce for sale.

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  2. AHAHAHAHAHAHA! Ok Which of you Spitballers put this up??

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  3. R White says:

    I find it laughable and both exhausting that a screw-up by chic-a-fil-a management regarding the company’s supply-chain is now conflated as a larger liberal conspiracy by morally bankrupt republicans who are desperate to find something, anything wrong with Biden, a lifelong politician who mostly governs as a moderate, old-school republican. I guess it’s too much to ask conservatives to feed their asshole offspring actual fruits and veggies instead of the overrated, overpriced, greasy homophobic chicken the cathy’s offer.

    Instead of finding solutions to our shared problems, republicans seem to think that listening to known crackpots and various karens will provide enough ammo to engineer ‘gotcha’ issues to keep the base angry while keeping democrats on the defensive without allowing them to fix the various policies and institutions republicans are hell-bent on destroying.

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    • 48% of Republicans think the way forward is to win with the (dwindling number) of voters they have instead of changing to become more popular.

      Fascists don’t want “solutions to our shared problems” they want scapegoats to blame for them and “solutions for those scapegoats”.

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  4. Ten Bears says:

    And our boy Cucker wonders why the sperm count is falling.

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    • Is that why none of his kids look like him?


      • Ten Bears says:

        For the record the most likely cause of lowering sperm counts is the micro-plastics that have permeated the food chain. Like Portland water with its ambien, prozac and viagra … no, wait wrong cliche`, not Kool-Aid Portland water with its caffeine, cannabis’s and psychotropic traces there’s just no getting away from it.

        Cucker has kids?


      • Also a lot of hormones from factory farms filtering into the ecosystem.

        Cucker has four kids, no telling which broker he picked them up from.

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